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  • Reading is FUN! {stop motion goodness}

    Tuesday, March 8 | Comments

    Kids… stay in school because this is what happens when you read when you are a grown up! {p.s: it may need to load a second… so be patient!}

    Our trusty friends Mike + Roya.  We had some extra time when we were in Chicago with them, so we thought that we would do a long awaited experiment.

    Hypothesis:  Making this would be fun.

    Conclusion:  It was!

    Experiment performed by Jagger Photography!  Hope watching it was fun for you too!


    1. What a super creative thing to do, you guys are so talented and unique with your creativity, so much fun to go through your archives.

    2. I love the animated gif. You guys are such inventive and fun photographers!

    3. SP says:

      I love your blog! This is super cute.

    4. Jessie says:

      SOOOOO cooool!!!

    5. Candice says:

      this is so freaking awesome haha love it

    6. Brenda G. says:

      Sooooo cute!

    7. Sara says:

      I love it!

    8. Mandy says:

      So perfect. I love when series photographs are made into a film.. <3

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