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  • Pure adorablness {Petit Collage}

    Tuesday, February 1 | Comments

    So I’m throwing my friend Rachel a baby shower and was looking around for ideas. That always leads from one blog, to another, to another until I have no idea how I got where I am.. But I am SO glad I got there! I found Petit Collage these prints on wood and when I saw this first one I just about passed out! As soon as I have kids I am buying the crap out of these prints. Her whole site was chalk full of adorable prints! Grayson and I love random art and have a minor collection so we looveee this kind of stuff!

    Maybe I’ll just buy them now and they can be me and Grayson!…. That’s a much better idea!


    1. haha I had a feeling that’s how you would feel about it.

    2. Brenda G. says:

      No…just have kids soon so they can be for them.

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