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  • Prouty Party!!! {Bellingham Family Photographer}

    Tuesday, May 13 | Comments

    This family is truly one of a kind. We met the Prouty’s a about 2 years ago when we became Instagram buddies. Yes, we met on Instagram and became real life friends.. it’s kind of awesome.  She offered to shoot our family  when we were down in CA next, Myles was only 6 months old and we still have those photos ALL over our home. Right away we clicked with Joy and Donny. It was almost strange how much we liked them! We told them “you guys are just like us with projects, only you actually do them all” and they told us “you guys are the younger, more attractive versions of us”….lol…  We were so sad to find out they were moving to Texas in a few months. It seems weird to be bummed that someone you just met is leaving, but we haven’t really ever clicked so instantly with another couple before them. The other day I was watching “Step Brothers”.. that Will Farrel movie, and the scene came on where they find out they actually really like each other and have all this ridiculous stuff in common. Right away I text Joy and told her that scene totally reminded me of when we met, haha.

    Well, long story short, they didn’t move to Texas, they moved here with us!! And we couldn’t be happier, seriously. We just love these people. And Myles loves their kids, he talks about them constantly.. We’ll be at dinner and suddenly he’s asking where Mabel and Donny are, haha. Joy was there for the birth of Finley taking amazing photos that I will cherish forever. Donny and Grayson go off on man adventures every once in a while {they need to go more} and get their much needed time away from kids to do “man things”.  So she asked me to shoot their family this Spring when all the apple trees on their property were blossoming and I was more than happy to do it! The last time we shot each other’s family we all ended up in a pond on some random person’s property {luckily they weren’t home, haha}.

    This shoot was so fun because it really didn’t feel like a job, it was just fun. Myles was running around in playing with sheep and Grayson was available to make animal sounds in attempt to get giggles out of the kids. My sounds proved unworthy… turns out all I could think to do was a seal! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos and this family as much as I do!

    ProutyParty001 ProutyParty002 ProutyParty003 ProutyParty004 ProutyParty005 ProutyParty006 ProutyParty007 ProutyParty008 ProutyParty009 ProutyParty010 ProutyParty011 ProutyParty012 ProutyParty013 ProutyParty014 ProutyParty015 ProutyParty016 ProutyParty017 ProutyParty018 ProutyParty019 ProutyParty020 ProutyParty021 ProutyParty022 ProutyParty023 ProutyParty024 ProutyParty025 ProutyParty026 ProutyParty027 ProutyParty028 ProutyParty029 ProutyParty030 ProutyParty031


    1. Chelsie says:

      I follow both you and Joy on Instagram and just wow, these are absolutely magical. So much talent. So much love. So much passion. A fairy tale.

    2. so gorgeous!!! such great captures! and that one of gracie jumping is so good! i love them all.

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