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    Thursday, August 25 | Comments

    Pregnancy!!!! So here is a little update as to how it’s all going. We haven’t really posted any photos because we’ve been so busy, so here we are now! We had every intention of taking a photo every few days, but we’ve been too busy! {excuses} We are at 25 weeks and just taking it one week at a time! This has gone by SO FAST as we knew it would with wedding season and all. I’ve had a freakishly good pregnancy, been really lucky in that sense! No puking, no crazy nausea {only a little weeks 6-9} and no weirdo cravings {other than corn dogs of course}. And this kid kicks like a mad man!!! We’re pretty sure he’s going to be a beast child.

    Being pregnant is still so weird. Little things like getting out of bed {Grayson usually has to give me a good push} and going up the stairs are much harder than they used to be. I get out of breath SO easily. Just today I was going up the stairs while talking to a friend {multi-tasker all the way} and I had to lean on the wall to catch my breath once I got up there, haha. I can’t bend over at all really, and putting shoes on is a hassle and a half!

    2 days ago he was kicking up a storm, my tummy looked like someone flicked a jello mold, there were feet and fists flying all over the place! I even GRABBED his foot!!! WHHATTTTT!! I screamed because it caught me off guard, I grabbed his foot! Grayson got to do it too, crazzzyyyyy!

    He’s quite the fan of laying on his “bladder hammoc” as we’ve been calling it. I swear he seeks out my bladder and kicks it as hard as he can so I have to pee every 5 minutes. {Which is no good when you’re on a hike and forgot toilet paper!} And the back pain has kicked in! I’m currently hanging out with a heating pad tied around me, it helps! A little first/foot in your ribs doesn’t feel so nice.

    So we have about 7 more weddings to go {don’t worry, there are about 10 that haven’t gone up on the blog yet} then we’re done for the year and waiting for Myles to show up sometime in early December! I’m doing it all naturale’ meaning no drugs, no hospital, no normal doctors. I know what you’re thinking “yah right, she’ll take the drugs at the first contraction!” BUT we’re going to a birth center with a midwife {not our house.. my mom thought this meant Grayson was going to deliver him all alone, hahahahaha he would pass out in a second} We chose to do it at the birth center because there aren’t drugs in the building. I worried that if someone offered me an epidural I’d take it, so there’s no one to offer it! So wish us luck with that one!! YIKES!


    The below photo was 4 weeks pregnant {we found out right away, we don’t mess around!}… I miss my normal tummy! There aren’t many photos of between month 1 and 3 because I felt disgusting and fat, haha. That was the worst stage.

    then onto 21 weeks, a few days after we found out he was a he and now he is Myles! Grayson is a little obsessed with “the tum”, he’s always kissing it and saying “good boy Myles!!” when he kicks, it’s so dang cute.

    And this morning! Week 25! {A little over 6 months} Right now he’s about 13.5 inches {give or take} and a pound and a half.. although he feels like 10 pounds already.

    This is one of our “children” for now… little Sammy/Dogger/The Buns/Bunsaroonie Fantaloonie with his papa, love that boy.. my pride and joy! Just had to add this photo in :] I’m looking to get him and Fynny “big brother” and “big sister” ferret shirts if anyone knows where I can get them! IT WOULD BE AWESOMMMEEEE!

    Well, just 3 and a half more months to go!! We’ve been collecting things for his “70′s nautical” room at garage sales and thrift stores. Who needs new decorations? If you know of any awesome whale, shark or nautical “things”, let us know!!


    1. Ling says:

      Those pictures of you in the dark are AMAZING! I assume Grayson took them – well done! (Yep, I’m still checking out your blog from time to time!)

    2. Connie says:

      Just surfing your blog/site and you both are so amazingly talented! And you are one adorable preggers lady. I don’t know if you’re thinking this type of nautical, but I already have this poster picked out for my child that I won’t even be thinking about for another couple of years. Or maybe just for our bathroom in the meantime. http://shop.jamesmattison.co.uk/product/a-b-sea-poster

    3. Evita says:

      beautiful preggo pics!!! love ‘em! =P

    4. cutest. preggo. ever!!!! love these photos. so fun for you guys! xo

    5. Congratulations Heather. That is so very exciting. And Myles is such a great name. I’m so happy for you both!!!

    6. Brenda Glasby says:

      Such beautiful pictures….I’m all teary…What a beautiful mother!!! I’m so anxious to meet my grandson….Please watch over my little Myles, dear Lord, and his mommy and daddy. Amen.

    7. Way to go! I’m a home birth mama to 2 girls, it was amazing! Just wanted to give you a little encouragement, sounds like you are doing great!

    8. Kalee says:

      Love all of the pictures…you make pregnancy look pretty!!! Can’t wait to see Myles’ nautical room when it’s complete :)

    9. Heather says:

      whhhattt!! This is amazing! Thank you Briana!

    10. Briana says:

      Congratulations–you look so cute! And, I found this, it looks like they can be personalized-ha!!


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