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    Wednesday, March 7 | Comments

    This photo is some good old fashioned pay back for Grayson posting this picture of me from this summer. Here we have Mr. Glasby lounging in a tree, hard at work on the engagement shoot we just did in CA! You think he’s posing for the picture…but his isn’t. He was just caught in a moment of weakness, haha.

    Anyway, we just got back from a lovely 2 week work/vacation back home in California. It was SO NICE to be in warm weather and let Myles sprawl out in short sleeves on a blanket OUTSIDE! His skin has never seen the sun! On a side note, it’s pretty sad that my skin is the exact same color as someone whose been in a womb for 41 weeks… But we had such a good time, got to see a ton of friends and family, booked a couple more California weddings, ate some In-N-Out and Yogurtland! Loved it! This is going to be a fun year, so far we’re mostly going to be here {In Washington} and back home in California shooting away! We have some other goodies here and there too.


    Ok, and on a TOTAL side note, we heard the most ridiculous thing ever. We were talking about terrible names parents give their poor kids and a friend told me she knew a kid named “La-a”.. how is that pronounced you ask? LaDashA”.. WHAT?!?!?!?! The “-” is meant to be “dash”, hahahahahhaha!!


    1. maiko says:

      hahaha seriously!!! i was recently told about “la-a” and “abcde”.. pronounced “ab-se-dee”…… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    2. Rachel says:

      he looks like a sloth sunning himself!

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