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  • Our lives in 2017! {Bellingham Family Photographer}

    Tuesday, January 9 | Comments

    We used to do a lot more posts about our lives but somehow that dwindled off, I think I’ll start bringing more of us back into the blog. . So maybe I’ll start with a re-introduction of ourselves. As you know, we are Heather and Grayson Glasby. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and moved here about 8.5 years ago from California where we were both born and raised. We live on 5 acres of woods,  have 3 amazing kids, 50 chickens and endless projects going, we make things from scratch, bake a lot, chop so much firewood, plant a lot of seeds and drink a lot of hot chocolate on the porch on rainy days.. Our most current one is a tiny house/tree house in our forest, it’s kind of our 4th child. We spend nearly 24/7 together and always have, it’s just the nature of our relationship since the day we met. We are quite literally the other half of each other. We live day to day without too much of a schedule or a plan because we’re both full time photographers and don’t have a normal “go to work, come home” routine. We just ventured into home schooling our oldest who is 6 and that’s been quite the ride. If you’re wondering, we’re choosing to do the Charlotte Mason way of home schooling which is very much nature, play and literature based. We read lots of lots of good books! We let our kids run free in their underwear, climb too high in trees and wander. We get a lot of looks from people, haha.


    Our lives are not where either of us pictured them 10 years ago but so much better than we could have planned. We don’t have super nice things or tons of money but we make up for that in good quality time and having a talent for making what we want with cheap or free things we can find. We moved onto our land about 2.5 year ago now and have been living our little dream ever since, renovating to make it our own, building huge vegetable gardens, giant swing sets and random tee pees and chicken coups. We’ve created kind of a kid/adult fun mecca on our property, haha. We rely on thrift stores, free craigs list and random finds on the side of the road to supply most projects we do. We also started a fun little Etsy shop about a year and half back, that’s been awesome and such a good creative outlet!


    I hope these photos don’t make out life look “idealized” because let me tell you, we have plenty of hard days and grumpy kids {and grumpy mama and daddy} days, too many nachos for dinner, stepping in chicken poop, and doing projects with kids is HARD and fitting in work is even harder. We work every night after the kiddlings are in bed until about midnight, especially during wedding season. But we wouldn’t trade any of it for all the money in the world. Money isn’t what drives us. You know the phrase “do you live to work or do you work to live?”.. we work to live. To us, God, our family, our friends and our passions are what drives our lives. Not money. We feel endlessly blessed that photography has always been able to be our way of life and supported the lifestyle we’ve chosen. I can’t even imagine doing anything else with our lives, we’ve been doing this for over 10 years and hope to do it for 20 more!


    With that being said, here are some of our favorites photos from the first half of 2017! {Im still editing the second half, haha!}

    HeatherGlasby001 HeatherGlasby002 HeatherGlasby003 HeatherGlasby004 HeatherGlasby005 HeatherGlasby006 HeatherGlasby007 HeatherGlasby008 HeatherGlasby009 HeatherGlasby010 HeatherGlasby011 HeatherGlasby012 HeatherGlasby013 HeatherGlasby014 HeatherGlasby015 HeatherGlasby016 HeatherGlasby017 HeatherGlasby018 HeatherGlasby019 HeatherGlasby020 HeatherGlasby021 HeatherGlasby022 HeatherGlasby023 HeatherGlasby024 HeatherGlasby025 HeatherGlasby026 HeatherGlasby027 HeatherGlasby028 HeatherGlasby029 HeatherGlasby030 HeatherGlasby031 HeatherGlasby032 HeatherGlasby033 HeatherGlasby034 HeatherGlasby035 HeatherGlasby036 HeatherGlasby037 HeatherGlasby038 HeatherGlasby039 HeatherGlasby040 HeatherGlasby042HeatherGlasby041 HeatherGlasby043 HeatherGlasby044 HeatherGlasby045 HeatherGlasby046 HeatherGlasby047 HeatherGlasby048 HeatherGlasby049 HeatherGlasby050 HeatherGlasby051 HeatherGlasby052 HeatherGlasby053 HeatherGlasby054 HeatherGlasby055 HeatherGlasby056 HeatherGlasby057 HeatherGlasby058 HeatherGlasby059 HeatherGlasby060 HeatherGlasby061 HeatherGlasby062 HeatherGlasby063 HeatherGlasby065 HeatherGlasby066 HeatherGlasby067 HeatherGlasby068 HeatherGlasby069 HeatherGlasby070 HeatherGlasby071 HeatherGlasby072 HeatherGlasby073 HeatherGlasby074 HeatherGlasby075 HeatherGlasby076 HeatherGlasby077 HeatherGlasby078 HeatherGlasby079 HeatherGlasby080 HeatherGlasby081 HeatherGlasby082 HeatherGlasby083 HeatherGlasby084 HeatherGlasby085 HeatherGlasby086 HeatherGlasby087 HeatherGlasby088 HeatherGlasby089 HeatherGlasby090 HeatherGlasby091 HeatherGlasby092 HeatherGlasby093 HeatherGlasby094 HeatherGlasby095 HeatherGlasby096 HeatherGlasby097 HeatherGlasby100 HeatherGlasby101 HeatherGlasby102 HeatherGlasby103


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