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    Sunday, January 11 | Comments

    If you haven’t noticed, our blog has been temporarily taken over by my Create Love Project, which by the way is going so well! Nominations are coming in from all over and it’s so exciting! :] But I felt it was time for some new photos. Christmas time is one of the most joyous times of the year here in the Glasby household. The holidays and the Christmas lights just remind us of having babies in our lovely home!. Because we’re both wedding photographers we have to have our little loves in the winter, thus a November and December baby! We kind of go all our, cut down our tree, tons of lights, tons of decoration and as many Christmas activities as we can jam into one month. We celebrate two family birthdays {Finley turned 1 and Myles turned 3} and Jesus’ birthday! It’s kind of the best. I’ve complied some of my favorite photos from the past month or so into one big blog post and every photo just makes me so happy.

    I seriously can’t believe how old my kiddlings have gotten, I now understand what all the experienced parents with now adult children meant when they told us time and time again how fast it will all go. This girl is already ONE YEAR old!


    Finley’s little 1st birthday party. The theme was “glitter” haha. We re-used the cupcake stand Grayson made for Myles’ first birthday and made a bunch of cute cake toppers out of glitter paper! Her cake was a chocolate quinoa cake, so good!!!!

    Dec2014Blog-002 Dec2014Blog-003

    I made her a special “birthday head band”…. which she pretty much only wore for a few photos…. :]Dec2014Blog-004 Dec2014Blog-005 Dec2014Blog-006

    I made her a little crown just like I made Myles for his first birthday



    some little gremlins trying to sneak some cake back there..Dec2014Blog-009 Dec2014Blog-010 Dec2014Blog-011 Dec2014Blog-012 Dec2014Blog-013 Dec2014Blog-014

    post bath play time is the best!!Dec2014Blog-015 Dec2014Blog-016 Dec2014Blog-017 Dec2014Blog-018 Dec2014Blog-019 Dec2014Blog-020

    One of our favorite days of the year is the day we get our Christmas tree. Normally we get it much earlier but we were in California for a couple of weeks so we got it on Myles’ 3rd birthday! I documented this for my good friend Shannon Walker and asked if she would do the same for us! So she came along and photographed our whole day! So thankful! I love these photos of this sweet time!Dec2014Blog-021 Dec2014Blog-022 Dec2014Blog-023 Dec2014Blog-024 Dec2014Blog-025 Dec2014Blog-026 Dec2014Blog-027 Dec2014Blog-028 Dec2014Blog-030

    birthday boy!!!

    Dec2014Blog-031 Dec2014Blog-032

    so casually 3 now, eating his special sprinkle pancakes.Dec2014Blog-033 Dec2014Blog-034 Dec2014Blog-035 Dec2014Blog-036 Dec2014Blog-037

    Ginger bread smashing 2014!! This was our 6th annual “Gingerbread building then smashing it with your face” party.. It’s just us and our super close friends the Kasparians… best tradition ever!

    Dec2014Blog-038 Dec2014Blog-039 Dec2014Blog-040

    Christmas Eve!

    Dec2014Blog-041 Dec2014Blog-042 Dec2014Blog-043 Dec2014Blog-044

    And the beloved Christmas morning

    Dec2014Blog-045 Dec2014Blog-046 Dec2014Blog-047 Dec2014Blog-048 Dec2014Blog-049 Dec2014Blog-050one of my favorite photos… ever :]Dec2014Blog-051


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