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  • Our first WA wedding!!!! Ben + Jin {Orcas Island, WA!!}

    Thursday, August 5 | Comments

    FINALLYYYYYY!! We got to shoot IN Washington {where we live!!} I have to say, we were both so excited for this one. We have an amazing “job” and get to travel all over the place for weddings. But getting to shoot locally is a whole new kind of excitement for some reason. Jin called me a few ago months to shoot their wedding and we just kind of hit it off, I think we went on talking about Farmer’s Markets for quite some time, didn’t talk much about weddings though, haha.

    ANYWAY… Jin and Ben were awesome, this was such a good, smooth wedding. And the location doesn’t get much more beautiful!! They were married at the Inn at Ship Bay on Orcas Island, the hotel overlooked the ocean on a huge cliff, it was amazing at sunset. It was our first time out to the island, you’d think we’d go there a lot, but we don’t have time! So we were excited to even get to go to the island! It was great! A lot bigger than we expected it to be, being an island and all. When we were shooting I walked right up to a HUGE bald eagle who flew out of the tree when I got within 10 feet, and a deer jumped out from behind the tree too! What the crap amazing?!?! Ok, I’m rambling, here’s the wedding. Have fun!

    Gray and I were driving around before the wedding looking for spots to shoot and saw this… holy moly amazing wall!!

    They had a traditional Korean ceremony after their first one, it was awesome!

    now a change back into the original dress.


    1. Jin says:

      Oh. Wow. If I wasn’t married to Ben already, I would marry these pictures. Being so beautiful and refined, yet fun and stylish at the same time, I would take the pictures out on dates to the symphony and art openings, but also round it off with dates to hip underground clubs and taco trucks. After a good solid courtship, I would propose, the pictures would say yes, and we’d live happily ever after. Seriously, you guys did such an amazing job. Absolutely love the cool wall (so genius)! And the wooden bridge, the Korean ceremony, the dance pictures… Basically everything! You captured our wedding day beautifully and it was so fun to work with you. We’re going to have a lot of fun plastering these photos all over our walls, shelves, and tables. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    2. NaNa says:

      I’ve waited all week for these pictures and they are surely worth the wait. Love seeing the Korean wedding pictures. Your clients are so special but then again you’re the best. Love you both !

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