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  • Our favorite Canadians eh… Mike + Kathleen {Windsor, Ontario}

    Tuesday, August 10 | Comments

    Oh man… we loved Mike and Kathleen. We left this wedding sort of confused because the day went by so fast and easy even after staying 2 extra hours, they were so fun to work with. Also, we started at the ceremony.. so we followed Kathleen and her mom who got there late, haha. It’s not like it’s going to start without her!  It was just a great day. We had so much time to shoot with them, which we always love. We were slightly interrupted by some rain but all ended well. And yes, Canadians all say “eh”… a lot. I love it!!! We also had the best view ever of the Detroit River from our hotel room on the 20th floor. I know, it doesn’t sound nice, but it was a beautiful river! It was a really humid day, but no one had a heat stroke so that’s a plus!

    On another note, I don’t know if I can say this.. but don’t ever fly with Delta Airline… Holy crap, worst airline ever. We had some CRAZY flight delays with this whole trip, it added at least 15 hours to our traveling. Same with the next weekend. So.. you’ve been warned!

    This is my favorite shot of the day, this tree was amazing!!

    We went to her Grandparents soy farm where Kathleen spent a lot of time as a kid.

    So after a while it started to rain out of no where. We drive around for 10 minutes trying to drive out of the storm and we finally found some dry spots!

    We tried so hard to get a shot of them with lightning, of course it stopped as soon as we tried.

    For some reason I was obsessed with getting this shot, haha.

    This menu left me craving Tiramisu for weeks… I still am.

    Spider Mum….. :] inside joke with table 10

    best line from his brothers toast “Now I’m going to take drink of my beer… and you guys are going to wait”.. hahaha


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    2. These are so great! The light in all of the outdoor shots is absolutely gorgeous!

    3. Kathleen says:

      All I can say is WOW. Mike and I are so happy that you both were with us through the wedding day – neither of us particularly enjoy having our picture taken, but we had such a great time with both of you that we hardly noticed you had cameras in your hands! From seeing your work, I had high expectations, but I never expected the pictures to turn out like this – they are so beautiful I can’t express how happy we both are. You are so talented and such great people – please stay in touch and if you ever need a place to crash at in Toronto you know who to call!!!

      Much love,

      Mike and Kathleen

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