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  • Our everyday from April to May!

    Saturday, May 30 | Comments

    We’ve had a wild past few months with selling our house and trying to buy another one. Holy smokes.. it’s been a roller coaster like no other. But I felt it was due time for a blog post just because. Our home is a happy place, full of color, loud children, messes, naps, clean and dirty laundry, vegetable gardens, dishes in the sink and sometimes very grumpy children and sleepy parents. We’re so excited for this new home we’ll be moving into so shortly.. just soaking in our last few days in this place we’ve called home since before Myles was born. Enjoy the little snippet into our lives!

    GlasbyMay001 GlasbyMay003GlasbyMay002

    we don’t always look so put together. It was Easter :]GlasbyMay005 GlasbyMay006 GlasbyMay007 GlasbyMay008 GlasbyMay009 GlasbyMay010GlasbyMay012 GlasbyMay011 GlasbyMay013 GlasbyMay014 GlasbyMay015 GlasbyMay016

    so many forts!

    GlasbyMay017 GlasbyMay018 GlasbyMay019 GlasbyMay020 GlasbyMay021

    the grump

    GlasbyMay022 GlasbyMay023 GlasbyMay024

    yes, she’s picking her nose…hahaGlasbyMay025 GlasbyMay026 GlasbyMay027 GlasbyMay028 GlasbyMay030

    Finley thinks she’s in the middle of potty training. She says she has to go “poo poo” so many times in the day and just sits on the toilet, haha. She’s yet to actually go but I’m not going to stop her from wanting to try!!GlasbyMay029 GlasbyMay031

    the joys of packing up your home.. bubble wrapGlasbyMay033GlasbyMay032 GlasbyMay034 GlasbyMay035 GlasbyMay036


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