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    Wednesday, April 19 | Comments

    Hey guys! I’m not sure if we’ve ever posted on our blog that we have an Etsy Shop called Kite Parade! We sell some sweet goodies for your babies and your home.. and some other lovely little goodies mixed in there. We combined the things we love to make! We have always been so big on working with our hands and making anything we can ourselves. Take a look. We try to use as many natural and reclaimed materials as we can!Bookshelf-0021G4A88501B7A2512 1G4A7275 Blocks-003 Bows9 ColorGarland-004Bookshelf-004 PinkGoldMobile-005 F-Beer2tone005-(1)SherbertMobile-004 PinkGarland-002 1G4A7280 1B7A2548neck


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