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  • one year babbyyyyy!!!

    Friday, April 23 | Comments

    Happy one year anniversary to us! Gray surprised me with a day trip to Catalina Island {we were back in CA for the week for some weddings}. I was SOOOOOO excited!!!! We ended up having to reschedule because it rained and went 2 days later. It was a good time and a half. Went to the beach, had a Margarita, rented a golf cart and drove around the island, it was great.

    THEN… we got our tattoos! We planned on getting them when we got married but never had time with the move and weddings and everything, so we got them now. I was just going to get a small gray heart behind my ear {for Grayson} until I remembered I was too cheap to pay $60 just for that. So I decided to make it bigger and more “us”. So the tandem bike is not only our logo, it became our logo because of what it was to us. When we were dating I wanted a yellow tandem bike SO bad. We used to go to the park a lot and ride bikes, feed ducks and take naps. So one day we saw one at the bike rental booth and I just wanted to look at it. It happen to be for SALE and he bought it for me!! It was the first big purchase he made for me, we had a moment :] haha.

    So we rode it everywhere, all the time. It was even our “get away car” at our wedding. We rode all around people as we left, it was awesome.  Then when I re-designed the business to be us, the tandem only made sense. So I guess that’s the story behind our logo, and us. And no, the tattoo doesn’t represent our business, it represents us.

    Grayson got his ring tattooed on, a wood grain. He didn’t even flinch!!!! What a man. Me on the other hand, I was sweating profusely, whimpering, digging my nails in, biting, almost hyperventilating. I would NEVER do it again, not on my foot. My leg was convulsing, it was bad. Grayson really helped me through it, let me squeeze and bite as hard as I needed to. It helped knowing I was getting it for him…

    Anyway, here it is!

    our annual plate painting!!! Love it.

    golf cart!!!!!!

    the ferry ride back


    The only 2 photos Gray could get because the rest of the time I was squeezing the crap out of him… Yes, that’s a water bottle in my hand for the many water breaks I needed to take.

    The heart balloons are Grayson (Gray), me (red) and teal (Jesus)

    the after math of Grayson’s hand. He said the pain I caused him was worse than his tattoo! :/ Those are bite marks by the way


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    2. Brittany says:

      I totally goofed my web in that first comment and left the blogspot outta there. Me = Nerd.

    3. Brittany says:

      In your defense Heather, feet tattoos hurt!!! But are SO worth it. You two are adorable!

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    5. jordyn says:

      i absolutely LOVE this tattoo. so so wonderful.

    6. April says:


    7. Honey Stetson says:

      I am always entertained by your blog. Thanks for always making me smile Heather and Grayson! You guys are pretty friggin cute and I wish Jeff and I could have made it to your wedding last year. :( I wanna see Grayson’s finished tattoo! Heather, your bicycle is so cute and special.

    8. Jessica Kasparian says:

      your so pretty heather!…you too grayson ;)

    9. Brenda says:

      So happy for both of you! You know that I love and adore you guys, even though I don’t see or talk to you everyday I still know that I can count on both of you. I sincerely hope and pray that my future husband be as amazing as Grayson :) You two are perfect for eachother and it’s been awesome seeing you two grow together. Love you guys!

    10. Emma says:

      You two are OH so cute together!!! I love both tattoos so much! :)

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