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  • oh the tum… and we’re done!!

    Tuesday, October 18 | Comments

    We went down to California for a week to shoot our last weddings of the season, we stopped early for obvious reasons this year :] While we were down we also planned my baby shower {which was amazing!!!} AANNDDD Dana {of Dana Grant Photography} offered to shoot some maternity photos for us! Dana is one of our good friends and she shot our wedding! We’re doing Myles’s room “70′s nautical”, whatever that means… so we decided to head down to the docks and shoot there.

    We broke some laws, we had to make Dana a little uncomfortable {at first, by the end she was a little renegade} by ignoring signs to stay out. When it’s a good spot to shoot it’s a good spot! Our moto is “just keep shooting until we get kicked out” haha, it works every time! So we just had  a fun, relaxed afternoon with some BEAUTIFUL lighting near the end! Once again she got some super cute photos which we love and plan on plastering all over our house!

    We were joking the whole time about how hard it was to make me look pregnant in this dress, the funny part is by the time I got home from that week my tummy had grown 1.5 inches!! Since then it’s grown another inch, I’m huge now!

    So it was great having a week down with our friends and family to just hang out! After 2 eight hour weddings in a row I was really ready to be done for the year. I didn’t realized how tired I’d get being almost 8 months pregnant and still shooting weddings, but at least they were awesome weddings! We’re sad we won’t get to see most of our friends for 4 months, but the next time they see us we’ll have a little baby!!! And quite a few of our friends have trips planned to see us right when we have the baby or WHEN we’re having the baby {if he comes somewhat close to our due date}! We love it!

    I think this is my favorite shot! We’re suckers for wide shots :]

    I figured out during this shoot that I’ve worn yellow shoes EVERY time we’ve been shot by other photographers…. it’s my subconscious “thing” I guess

    We paid $3 each way to sit on this ferry ride there and back just to get the awesome light! Worth it!

    I love this one :]

    So… other than that, we’re getting REALLLLYYY excited to have the baby, I’m not scared of it anymore. I used to be absolutely terrified of having a baby, but I’m actually looking forward to it. Still no drugs and no hospital. We have our midwife, our doula and a lot of support to get us through it. Grayson isn’t as terrified either :] We knew we picked the right doula when she was telling us about stool softeners and said “the last thing you’re going to want to do after you have a baby is push out a rock hard monster”… THAT is why she’s our doula… because she says stuff like that!

    So here are a couple photos from my baby shower. Sara is pretty intense when it comes to throwing my showers, so everything turns out overly amazing… which it did! She doesn’t mess around! Lindsey and April helped out with the shower too and with their powers combined- greatness happens. And…. don’t make fun of me for wearing the same dress, it’s cute… it fits.

    She did a library themed shower so everyone got one of those whale stickers in their invites to get Myles a book and write him a note on that sticker to place in the front, so cute!

    Sara’s husband Sean made the cupcake holders!!

    This picture is purely a joke…. although it looks oddly similar to a lot of the photos my friends take. Remember Candice {Lunch Pail Pictures} and Tasha??? I love my friends, this one is going in a frame.

    It was funny because half the people at our shower have been on our blog at some point.

    I AM excited to be able to tie my shoes on my own again and bend over to pick stuff up without having to grunt like a beast, but being pregnant has been pretty awesome. I wouldn’t call it “bliss” like our midwife did {haha} but it’s been good! {not so much feeling my ab muscles split in half or having his tiny foot jammed under my rib cage for 4 months}.  Our house is quickly being taken over with giant baby things that people have bought for us of the wonderful world of garage sales has provided for us… Everyone should go to garage sales, every weekend.. They are a DEAAALLL! So we’ve been in “lets get rid of anything we don’t need anymore” mode… goodwill has been our friend!

    And don’t you fret my pet, we still have about 15 or so weddings coming out on the blog. We do one wedding a week so they get pretty spread out, for example.. the weddings we shot the weekend of THIS shoot will be out in January! So there’s plenty to look at coming up… and baby photos of course :]

    Thank you ,thank you thank you, Dana for taking some photos for us! We probably wouldn’t have thought to have someone do it but we’re SO glad you offered!!!


    1. Heather says:

      oops Sara! I had your name linked to the wrong page, fixed! It goes to your engagement shoot :] LOVE YOU!!

    2. Sara says:

      love the pictures and love YOU pretty lady!

      Wondering why my name is linked to lots of pictures of your belly? i knew i was the REAL father.

      That was lame. Love you!

    3. Matt says:

      Beautiful photos! Love the nautical theme. :) Best of luck.

    4. Shanisha says:

      You really pulled off the maternity shoot, you look beautiful and barely prego. You have some fun looking lady friends

    5. Brenda…. you’re crazy, hahaha

    6. Kalee Curtis says:

      BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Can’t wait to see and meet Myles! (And Brenda, you’re nuts…you may get a face full of poo kissing the other set of cheeks…that may not be so sweet!!!!)

    7. Brenda Glasby says:

      That is my grandson in there and I can hardly wait for him to arrive into our family so I can kiss, kiss, kiss his little cheeks…and I don’t care which set of cheeks either…both will be so sweet!!! Wait for GiGi and Grampa Griz to get there on the 4th little Myles. I love you!!!!!!!!

    8. Sayoko Lynn says:

      Beautiful photos! I look forward to all your posts. Can’t wait to meet Miles :)

    9. kimberly olsen says:

      awww, these pics are adorable. congrats, again!

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