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  • Oh Heaher…..

    Friday, August 5 | Comments

    We have had quite the interesting week… in fact, it has been a little crazy!  In short, we have 5 weddings in 7 days!  Were over halfway through and it has been one of the most fun weeks ever.  We’re all over the place!  On saturday we were on San Juan Island, WA shooting on a sheep farm, Monday we were on Orcas Island, WA shooting on a ship in the harbor (I was paddling around the ship in a row boat; navigating the tides and shooting when I got in position), Wednesday in Portland,  OR,  Friday in Seattle, WA and Saturday in San Diego, CA.  We are getting some rest in between, but it is wearing on the body.

    This frame is from Wednesday in Ecola State Park, OR.  I was avoiding getting Heather in the shot, but then just embraced it.  I think she was temporarily drained and had to plop on the ground and catch a couple Z’s.  I don’t blame her.  But joking aside, this frame is pure AWESOMENESS!

    OBVIOUSLY she is taking a photo, just laying on the ground doing it… but it really looks like she’ just taking a nap, we were cracking up at this picture.

    P.S.  (to Alisa + Trey)… I guess this is considered a sneak peek… minus Heather of course.  Enjoy!


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    3. Five weddings in seven days??!! Good for you guys! I thought three in seven was bad! ;)

    4. maiko says:

      ahahahhaah love it!

    5. Evita says:

      Oh I love it! With the baby bump in the way, Heather can only lay on the ground sideways! Lol! Great shot Grayson!!!

    6. Candice says:

      Just blame it on the baby

    7. Jon says:

      Nice shot Gray! You guys are the best!

    8. Jon says:

      Yeah. We believe you Heather. =) LOL!

    9. Mike says:

      That is a great picture…you guys are the best

    10. Heather says:

      hahahahaha this looks so bad!!! I was taking a photo!! I swear it!

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