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    Monday, August 13 | Comments

    First off, sorry for the delay on blog posts, we were having some technical difficulties with getting photos to load! But it’s back!

    We booked these two a while back and got to meet them for some coffee when we were down for another wedding. We were supposed to go over wedding details but ended up just talking for a really long time about everything but weddings! We got to it eventually though, haha. We just clicked with them and it was awesome! They got married at Franciscan Gardens and we knew it was going to be awesome because my best friend was married there, so we knew it was a good venue. We loved shooting around this area!

    There was one big hiccup in the beginning of the day, Nick forgot his suit! Yikes!!! It was a half hour drive each way to get it, but he did. They also had the most intense/awesome wedding cakes I’ve ever seen. I posted a photo of it on Instagram and people LOVED it!! They were seriously out of control. We loved shooting this couple and had so much fun with everyone there.

    practicing her vows

    Their table runners are the same fabric as our bed set!!

    I love when grooms get emotional.

    custest forks ever. I wish all my forks said this, haha

    I love when couples use succulents!

    This cake!!!!

    Seriously amazing…

    They had packaged smore’s waiting for everyone as they left!

    He’s all mine ladies!



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    1. vencanice says:

      Amazing wedding ceremony. Thay are one very happy couple, we can see that on the photos.

    2. sandy (Mom) says:

      The more pics I saw the more tears I had. What great, great, great memories! Fabulous job Heather and Grayson. So happy Michelle and Nick found found you :)

    3. Brenda Glasby says:

      Oh so gorgeous!!! My favorite…close up of bride with that beautiful headpiece with netting over her face…ooooo beautiful! Had lots of other favorites too…absolutely lovely.

    4. Cathy D says:

      Beautiful backrounds, colors, style, it must have been an amazing day. All fun and all great memories for you and your family.

    5. Michelle & Nick says:

      omg! WE love THEM!! even with all the little mishaps that happened throughout the day, in the end these pictures are worth a thousand words!!! Can’t wait to show everyone and we’re so glad we found you guys!

    6. Amy Mae says:

      Love them all! great job :)

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