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    Monday, September 24 | Comments

    I just have to show post this amazingly sweet review Emily and Alex {from the Massachusetts wedding we shot this summer} posted. It’s so amazing and humbling to hear how much they really loved the photos and the experience. Thank you for this guys! We put so much effort into out images and it’s so, so nice to know that it is all appreciated so much. We got a chance this past weekend to stay with them while we were shooting another wedding in their area and it was awesome just to spend one on one {well two on two rather} time with these people. One of our favorite things is when we shoot a wedding and form an actual friendship with our couples after all is said and done.

    “Photography was my top priority for our wedding. I searched through the blogs and websites of more than 50 photographers, all across the US, to find the one that would shoot our backyard wedding in Massachusetts. I found a number of talented folks, but no one had it all in the way that Jagger Photography did. Their beautiful portraits and poignant (and/or hilarious) candids are equally powerful – a feat I found that many photographers could not achieve. Their use of light and depth of field is exceptional creates almost unearthly portraiture. Their photos are equally artistic and representative of life, and intense emotion is carried through every image. Prior to the wedding, communicating with Heather and Grayson was very easy. They handled my questions and my husband’s contract edits with the utmost professionalism and respect. On the day of the wedding, they were timely and respectful, patient and full of humor, friendly and kind. They were spectacular. A number of our guests came up to us and told us how great they thought Heather and Grayson were, and how excited they were to see the photos. Both my husband and I loved hanging out with them – they fit right in with our silly and energetic crew. Now that we’ve received our photos, I can honestly say that I could not have possibly made a better decision about hiring Jagger Photography. The photos they made for us represent the vision that I worked so hard to create – I designed our wedding to be a visually appealing backyard party to celebrate the wonderful people that make up our community. Heather and Grayson were able to capture every tiny detail of that, and the terrific raucous people that we love so much. They were also somehow able to express in photographs the tremendous love that my husband and I feel for each other, in a way I never knew possible. I am completely humbled by their ability. “


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