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    Monday, November 23 | Comments

    We’ve had so many people asking to see them, we figured it would just be easier to do it here! We got some amazing little ferrets! Sammy and Fynn, they are the cutest stinkin things ever. And ferrets are insanely hard to photograph so there aren’t many yet. So here are a few images of them, and a few other photos to tickle your fancy.

    This is Sammy.. I love Sammy, he’s a big fat tub of cuddle.


    Fynn the destroyer…


    now for some completely random photos of what Gray and I  have been doing… boredom at its best here..


    on our way to Bainbridge Island.


    our lovely Seattle skyline from the ferry


    And last but not least, I MADE OUR STOCKINGSSSS!! I’m so proud of myself :] No, it wasn’t a stocking kit.. from scratch babyy!



    1. April says:

      I watched extreme dr. 90210 lkast night, and this girls face was eaten off by a ferret when she was 1 month old. Now she doesn’t have a nose or a top lip. Just saying is all.

    2. Jessie says:

      I LOVE your homemade Stockings:)

    3. Heather says:

      WHAT? opossums have pointy faces, rat tails and their teeth stick out… i reject that comment, haha

    4. Brenda says:

      I’m not gonna lie… the ferrets kinda gross me out :( Look like possums! BUT the rest of the pics I love! :)

    5. candice says:

      awwwwww… the one with sammy laying down is so precious.
      your random pictures make me want to live there.

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