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    Saturday, November 26 | Comments

    Remember Miriam and Danny’s engagement shoot?  We loved these guys!  Such a great couple.  They definitely sealed the deal when they so graciously got Myles some awesome presents {shark robe, whale bath tub cover and flash cards}!  Thank you guys so much!  Really appreciate you!

    We skyped with Miriam a while back and got to talk with her a bit about their wedding.  She told us that she was a scientist and Danny was a doctor and that they were going with a science themed wedding.  WHAT!!  She totally hooked us right there and we were excited for it ever since! The end of this wedding was an end to a very long and amazing week.  5 weddings in 7 days!

    This was the last wedding of our 5 in one week {nuts} and it was a fantastic one to end on! We were a little nervous because we flew in to San Diego that morning {got up at 4am after shooting Kim and Jake’s wedding in Seattle} and flew at 6am, but Heather was REALLY sick the entire flight, which is not like her. Maybe because she was 5 months pregnant and it was too much work in a row?? Who knows, but we were nervous. She had a friend pick us up at the airport and take us to the hotel where we were met by a bouncing Miriam and her amazing baby gifts! Heather was so excited about the shark towel she couldn’t sleep for an hour!! {we had time for a 3 hour nap before we shot}. But once we woke up and started shooting she felt totally fine, phew!!

    Happiest Bride Ever!

    They left us a really, really nice 5-star  review on ProjectWedding.com and here is what they said!

    “Reasons we loved working with Heather and Grayson:

    1. Picture Quality!!!
    Most wedding photos are pretty, but Jagger Photography photos are BEAUTIFUL. They are anything but standard. It’s like if all other wedding photos are sheet cake theirs are Creme Brulee! When I was looking for a photographer for my wedding I was scouring blogs for photos that I liked, and I found that I could pick out their photos without looking at the name. Even their little yellow bicycle banner ad caught my eye. When I found their blog I stayed up all night looking at it. Hiring them for my wedding was one of the best decision I made in the whole wedding planning process. My photos are amazing! They really know how to capture people and settings, which I think is a rare kind of art that goes beyond just getting the right people smiling in a pretty place. I don’t think my husband and I have ever looked so good in pictures.

    2. General Awesomeness!!!
    Heather and Grayson are soooo easy (and fun!) to work with. They respond to emails quickly and they get your pictures to you pretty darn fast (especially considering how much traveling they do). But I think the best part is how fun and hilarious they are. During our engagement shoot, my husband was really tired from work and not all that excited about taking photos, but they had him laughing and cooperating in no time! They were totally cool when the place we wanted to shoot our wedding portraits didn’t work out and we had to move it twice. They even managed to get a few photos as we were getting thrown out! Talk about performance under pressure! They handled our large wedding party quickly and efficiently and were fun to hang out with when it was just us taking portraits. I don’t think couples realize how important that is because honestly I think they were the people we spent the most time with that day!

    Overall I could not have asked for a better experience or better photos to remember our wedding! I wish all photos of me were taken by Jagger!”


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    1. Fantastic presentation. Thanks for sharing zhis with us.

    2. Incredible work you two ! Falling in love with your work as well :) . (Found you on GWS!) — Congrats on your new little one, you are amazing creators! We create movies! Would love to shoot along side you two some day :) Much Love, Zach + Wendy

    3. Monica says:

      I LOVE the tree shadows on the wall with the bride and groom!!!!

    4. Lydia says:

      you guys truly capture beautiful images.

    5. Really Beautiful Wedding pictures. Thanks for sharing this post.

    6. trisha says:

      i miss this wedding! love you, miriam. these pics are just magical.

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