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  • Miles + Farah- Ft. Lauderdale Wedding {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Wednesday, September 30 | Comments

    Somehow this little beauty of a wedding slipped past a blog post until now. Miles and Farah were one of our favorite couples of the year! We flew to Florida last November to photograph these two amazing people getting married in her home town of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! We also took an extra day to sit and relax on the beach child free :] It was pretty awesome. We did their engagement shoot a while back here in Bellingham so we were super excited to shoot them again. We love wedding where the whole bridal party is fun and we can just relax and fit in like guests, this was one of those weddings. Plus you cant beat watching a ceremony under a banyan tree along the river on a beautiful day. They had their ceremony at  Collee Hammock Park and their reception at the Stranahan House. I’m glad you get to enjoy this wedding, better late than never!

    Ft.LauderdaleWedding_001Ft.LauderdaleWedding_003 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_004 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_002 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_005 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_006 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_007 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_008 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_009 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_010 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_011 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_012 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_013 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_014 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_015 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_016 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_017 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_018 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_019 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_020 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_021 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_022 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_023 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_024 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_025 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_027 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_028 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_029 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_030 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_031 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_032 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_033 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_034 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_035 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_036 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_037 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_039 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_040 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_041 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_042 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_043 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_044 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_045 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_046 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_047 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_048 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_049 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_050 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_051 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_052 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_053 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_054 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_055 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_056 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_057 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_058 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_059 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_060 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_061 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_062  Ft.LauderdaleWedding_064Ft.LauderdaleWedding_063 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_065 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_066 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_067 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_068 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_069 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_070 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_072Ft.LauderdaleWedding_074 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_073Ft.LauderdaleWedding_071 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_075 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_076 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_077 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_078 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_079 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_080 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_081 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_082 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_083 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_084 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_085

    If you’re getting married in Florida and looking for some awesome vendors, here are some of the great ones we worked with at this wedding!

    Desiree Dawn Events

    Chic Makeup by Aimee

    Anthology Co- Flowers


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