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  • Mike + Roya {the gnome and the squirel}

    Tuesday, February 22 | Comments

    Let me start off by saying that Mike and Roya are some of our favorite people in the world, we absolutely love these people! I met these two balls of awesome right after {or before??} I graduated high school. Roya and I were always the photo nerds and Mike was the guy in all the bands, haha. Roya and I have been shooting together for years and it was always awesome! So before it was me and Grayson, it was me and Roya. She assisted me with a lot of my weddings and vise versa. Actually, Grayson shot his first wedding when Roya was shooting with me and got sick! I called Gray, he was at the movies and I said “you NEED to come shoot this wedding with me!” Of course that lead to a brief moment {or few hours} of panic on Grayson’s side, you see, he had never shot a wedding.. or anything at this point. I was still teaching him everything and now he was being thrown into it.. literally. But he did great and here we are today!

    Annnyyywaaayy. Mike and Roya got married, then Mike and Grayson fell into a deep man love. We got married a month apart at the same place and we were in each others weddings, it was a good time and a half. Well after all this they helped us move to Washington {a 25 hour straight drive from CA to WA… no stopping except for food and to pee, it was nuts}.  Road Trip Bingo was a hit for sure. The next day we all slept for 14 hours and didn’t get a chance to set off all the fireworks we bought {because they’re legal in WA!!!}. So after we moved, they moved to Chicago!

    We take any excuse we can to go see them, we’ve been twice so far! Thank you Chicago weddings!! For some reason I can’t get enough of Chicago, it has a lot to do with the fact that these two lovely people are there and we get to spend 2 weeks with them! You see, Roya and I are both overly excitable people and everything is the most exciting thing in the world when we hang out.. and since she too is a wedding photographer we have the same, very open weekday schedule so we get to  hang out the wholleee ttiimmmeeeee!!! So it’s awesome going to see them and having someone be able to keep up with the glee! We decided to shoot them while we were there this time and just went nuts!!

    We started shooting the night before in the alley behind their apartment.

    We wandered downtown for a bit, but it was so late we kept getting kicked out of areas!

    pure glory in beard form.

    I love this photo

    I love this man… and his {Roya’s} fake glasses.

    We went through a phase of only taking photos on our iphones {not sure why now that I think about it}, so here are some of the photos we took on our trip

    ……………….Hot Dougs….. is the best hot dog I’ve ever eaten in my life. We ate there twice in a week, I suggest the Keira Knightley dog

    The Bean…. such a tourist trap, but I fell in! I’m a sucker, I loved it!!

    Chuuunnkkkkkkk!!!! Their new puppy… I can’t handle the cuteness of puppies, especially Boston Terriers.

    I don’t remember what this place was called {Katz Deli??} but it was so-good! WAY too much meat for one person.

    on the way to the wedding we were shooting {Ling + Michael!!}

    walking to lunch… I love lunch in Chicago

    Grayson took this photo through the sun roof, I’m into it.

    oh Chunk…. how I miss thee.

    So moral of the story, if you want us to shoot your wedding in Chicago, we would be more than happy to!!!


    1. Love all of these! Such a fun feel :)

    2. tasha says:

      I love them all! You should put up the stop motion shots in the their bedroom, that was a cool series.

    3. it WAS Manny’s!! I was way off, haha.

    4. Ling says:

      I love your city shots,guys! My fav was the one of Roya and Mike under the El tracks! I think the restaurant you had your sandwich at is called Manny’s – was it Manny’s?

    5. Brad says:

      Grayson with his tilt-shift lens = dope. Love the shots where Roya & Mike are dressed up

    6. Jeremy G. says:

      The title is perfect. The night shoot was amazing. You guys are killing it!!

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