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  • Michelle + Max- Lummi Island Wedding {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Thursday, February 1 | Comments

    This is one of those sweet weddings that brings us right back to our roots of shooting weddings 10 years ago. We will always have a soft spot for these intimate weddings on a family property. Weddings where the focus is two people getting married and having a huge party with simple, delicious food and perfectly understated, beautiful decor. Max and Michelle were married on an awesome private property belonging to some family friends on Lummi Island, WA. Somehow, we’ve never been to Lummi Island even though its only a 10 minute ferry ride away! They got ready at the ever so quaint Full Bloom Farm and man, we got a little sucked into walking the property and falling in love with everything they grew. We ran into the owners having iced tea on their porch and chatted with them about the history of their farm. We always love getting to chat with the owners of sweet places like these. Our “some day” dream is to open a wedding venue much like the ones we shoot at!

    After the ceremony Michelle changed into a more comfortable dress and it was beautiful! People ate BBQ and set up tens to camp on the property that night. We headed down to a local beach with the two of them at sunset and we are NEVER disappointed by PNW ocean views. They just feel like home. We came back to groups of people laughing, playing bocce ball under string lights and people gathered around the bon fire for smores and laughs. This wedding was perfectly perfect!

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