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  • Megan + Kevin {Lake George, NY}

    Tuesday, March 27 | Comments

    So Megan emailed me the other day asking when their blog post would be up, oops!!!! We shot their wedding in September and with having Myles this blog post got lost in it all! So here they are now :] This was our last travel wedding of the year and I was 7 months pregnant so I was a bit nervous about the long flight. But being pregnant on a long flight = extra free snacks and special treatment so I was good to go!

    This wedding is funny because literally a day before Megan emailed us to shoot her wedding we had gotten back from New York and sworn never to go back there again. We had a BAD experience {flew in and had to drive through downtown at 5pm on a Friday night… 4 hours later we got to our 30 mile away destination}. Anyway, we wrote New York off for good. THHHEENNN Megan writes going on and on about how she wants us to shoot her wedding more than anything, how could we say no to that?!?! So we booked them and they redeemed New York for us. This place was amazing!.

    They got married at the Sagamore in Lake George and it was the perfect venue. They also had the nicest bridal party and families possible, we got along with everyone so well. Lots of my shooting “moves” were now gone due to the fact that I was giantly pregnant. So shooting was interesting, especially when I needed to lay on the floor to get a shot….

    Kevin made her this necklace!  Oh yeah, forgot to mention that he is a gem wizard.

    He made her these amazing earnings!!

    Kevin designed both their rings


    1. Beth says:

      Can you tell me who did those lovely flowers?

    2. Lydia says:

      These are the most beautiful photographs EVER!
      Every time I looked at a new picture in the blog post, I thought “Wow! How on earth can you beat that picture?!?!” Annnddd then, BOOM! You would blow me away again. Lovely, lovely, lovely work. :)

    3. Jagger Photography says:

      Megan and Kevin, you guys are so so welcome!! We loved shooting for you guys, you made our job nice and easy :]

    4. Kevin F says:

      Thanks again for everything you guys! The photos turned out absolutely amazing and we couldn’t have asked for to more fun loving photographers to help make our special day even more special! YOU ROCK!

    5. Megan says:

      Eek YAYYYYYY… LOVE LOVE LOVE… I am so excited to see my wedding on your blog… I could stare at these photos forever. Seriously cannot thank you guys enough, the photos are the BEST!!!!!!!

    6. maiko says:

      so prettyyyyyyyy!

    7. Stephanie K says:

      These are fantastic! And I am soooo glad that this beautiful couple made you decide to give NY another shot!

    8. GiGi says:

      What a gorgeous venue, love the bride’s hairdo, the necklace is beautiful, and the photos amazing. Worth the wait!!!

    9. April P. says:

      AAHHHHH-MAZING!! Great job you guys!!

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