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  • Meaghan + Jake {Leavenworth, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers

    Tuesday, October 15 | Comments

    We had that awesome opportunity to shoot this couple twice, for their engagement and their wedding. Meaghan and Jake just got married at the Pine River Ranch in Leavenworth, WA. We always love shooting in WA because it gives us a chance to explore the state in which we live! It was a beautiful 3.5 hour drive from our home in Bellingham and a nice little day trip. This wedding was so so beautiful, it had a sort of french theme and she had the most gorgeous head piece and even added to her dress to make it even more amazing.We get so excited to shoot couples when they look interested and have some sort of different feature to their wedding garb, we loved it!

    The venue was this huge property surrounded in mountains and valleys with a big barn for the reception. We got a chance to talk with the owners quite a bit and they were just the sweetest people. Their coordinator Sonia Karumsi was awesome, pretty much everyone involved on this day was great. We hope you enjoy their day as much as we did! Left with some pretty tasty cake balls too :]

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    1. Beautiful job capturing this lovely wedding and such a fun group. What stunning images (the gorgeous bride and groom made that easier on you! :)

    2. Holli Tidwell says:

      I absolutely love these wedding pics! Could you possibly find out who the dresses are by? I’d love to see more of their line. Both bride and bridesmaid would be very much appreciated :)

    3. Holli Tidwell says:

      Love this wedding! Could you possibly find out who the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses are by? I would love to see some more styles from the designer. Thank you.

    4. Marlo says:

      So pretty! Images are stunning. Great job guys.

    5. Brenda Glasby says:

      Absolutely beautiful!!!

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