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  • Mark + Meredith {Los Angeles, CA} Los Angeles Wedding Photographes

    Wednesday, January 11 | Comments

    Remember Mark and Meredith’s awesome engagement shoot in Costa Mesa? We loved shooting them! And we had the great pleasure of shooting them again :] It was our last wedding weekend of the year and we’ve been excited to shoot at the Smog Shoppe all year!! The day was a weird mix of overcast, rain and bright sun. It was kind of nice having a variety of lighting! It was such a fun wedding and I’m glad we got to save it until the end. It was also somewhat of a high school/elementary school reunion for me- so weird seeing some of these people that were in my brownie troop when I was 7!

    Anyway, Mark and Meredith are stinkin awesome people, they’ve been together for so long and it was great being able to watch them get married. I saw them dating when we were all in high school!

    This place was also covered in succulents, which Grayson and I LOVE {partially because it’s the only plant we can manage not to kill}

    They had this joke that some good looking guy comes up to you in a bar, asks if he can buy you a drink, takes off his sunglasses… and is CRAZY crosseyed!

    honestly… my favorite photo of the day…. hahahahaha it cracks me up.

    cell phone action.

    Gotta love tourists… especially when they make me take photo on their camera for them, haha

    inside joke, I won’t repeat it :]

    Grayson wanted to put this painting in Myles’s room.. haha

    Her mom is so pretty!!

    They played a clip of their dog making crazy sounds.. so random

    So I thought these were all potatos until they were out on the table… pears.

    They had a bunch of different food carts out after dinner. Organic ice cream, churros {and a taco cart for dinner}

    They also had a few movies playing on a big screen on the dance floor.. 80′s movies are the best.

    I want this book shelf. badly.

    Churro cart!!!

    umm… Meredith there’s something.. someone… coming out of your dress……

    A rainbow!!!! “a double rainbowwwww!!!” hahha.. anyone? You tube?









    1. Anna says:

      Love it! Anyone know where the bride got her necklace?

    2. Dixie and Jock says:

      What a great wedding! The food, the venue, the music and best of all the super couple. It was brillent all the way around. Thanks for sharing.

    3. kimberly olsen says:

      gorgeous photos! i am dying over her dress and necklace — simply stunning!

    4. Annie says:

      WOW they are beautiful and these photos capture their day so well… looks like so much fun! And seriously, a dress with pockets and a flower? I die.

    5. Jessie says:

      Brilliant, all of them! I heart the cross-eyed-bar sequence, too funny!!! Definately one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to and in celebration of one of my favorite couples! And It was a bonus to get to see you two there :)

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