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  • Maiko + Mat {Kaaawa, HI}

    Tuesday, May 22 | Comments

    We had the awesome chance to fly all the way to Hawaii to shoot Mat and Maiko’s wedding at Kualoa Ranch. She got ready at this amazing hotel, the Moana Surfrider that had such amazing view. They really wanted us to shoot some film so we loaded up! We had the Hassleblad {aka the “Hasslehoff”}, Holga, and a Polaroid land camera and just went to town! This was a fun one, needless to say and it was HOT out! We pretty much sweat our way through this ceremony. Worth it!! We got to see a mongoose too! WHATTTTT?!

    a naughty picture book for Mat :]

    Mat made Maiko this entire book of photos and random things he’d saved through out their relationship- awesome.

    Ok…. this was Mat’s gift to all the guys. Huge… huge knives. Good luck getting those things back home guys, haha.

    Such a good ceremony site.

    China-man’s hat.

    Everyone at the wedding!

    Little heart pins for people to wear.

    We ended up with a box of these tasty muffins to go eat in our hotel room, so good.

    blind folded cake feeding? They found it on google, haha.

    They had their ipad through the whole ceremony so his sister could watch the wedding. She {in ipad form} even made it into the family photos.

    We took a bunch of instax photos and dropped them in a basket for people to write notes on for Mat and Maiko.

    This stuff was so good!

    The old Hasslehoff.

    This was the best thing we’ve ever had at a wedding. Hawaiian shaved ice.. it’s no snow cone. It’s really fine ice with REALLY good syrup {taste more like juice} and ice cream on the bottom…. oh my Heaven. I got all the Hawaiian flavors, Gray got “rainbow”.. twice.. haha.

    We spent the rest of our time in Hawaii searching for shaved ice. Success.


    1. Lydia says:

      WHOAH. That is an AMAZING setting!! Uh . . is that where LOST was filmed? It realllllyyyy looks like it.
      Gorgeous, gorgeous photographs.

    2. Chie says:

      Hi hi, I’m Maiko’s mom’s coworker. I la la la love the photos! So cute!!!

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    4. WOW. I am a HS friend of Maiko’s and all I can say is WOW. Gorgeous photos of an amazing event and beautiful people!!! GOR

    5. Maiko says:

      Omgomgomgomg we looooooove the photos!!!!! So beautiful!!!!! I want to keep staring at them but I’m hungry and need to go grab lunch…. But then I’ll be back to staring! ;)

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