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  • Lisa + Keith {Little Compton, Rhode Island}

    Sunday, July 4 | Comments

    Lisa + Keith’s wedding was one of two that we traveled to on the East Coast in consecutive weekends, so we thought, “Why not make a roadtrip out of it!”  We started out in Boston a couple days before the wedding and stayed with Heather’s aunt and uncle.  It was so nice just to relax and check out a ton of the old historic places.  After a couple of awesome days, we drove down to Little Compton, RI and met Lisa + Keith.  Their family had rented an old farmhouse for the week, which was extremely packed full of people, and made that their base of operations.  There was wedding decorations everywhere and everyone was pitching in when we got there.  It was like a craft store pinata was bashed open in the living room!

    The farmhouse was right on the coast and you could see the ocean about a half a mile away.  The scenery was covered with climbing ivy that covered old cars and farm equipment, mounds of blooming flowers, and winding crushed clam shell roads.  We had a bit of a scare with the weather (it ended up raining, but cleared up for the ceremony and reception), but ultimately it turned out great.  Lisa + Keith were such an easy couple to work with and everything went awesome.  We’re fans of Rhode Island!

    Lisa chose to pick her own flowers.

    We asked them to grab a rock on the beach that they liked… it was interesting to see the difference in their selection.

    A little rain crept up and surprised us, but we got through it!

    Bridal party sword fight to the death!

    I love the intensity Lisa.  Keith… step it up a notch next time!


    1. Danielle says:

      Hello i love love love your photos. I am in the process of looking for a venue and wanted to know how to get ahold of this farm in little compton ri. I have looked everywhere online and search the name biccetennial farm and can not come up with anything! Would love to know the number or address. And also wanted to know if you still shoot weddings in ri i loved your style it is exactly what i am looking for

    2. sunny says:

      this is one of my favorite shoots ever! i must let you know, i’m at work and after i saw your special announcement yesterday- i work in an office of over 200+, you’ll be getting a lot of hits in the next few days…maybe you’ll get a CO wedding out of it! The blog is spreading like WILDFIRE in the office!

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    4. Brenda says:

      For Christine…Go to “Green Wedding Shoes” where this wedding is featured and they tell more about the location.

    5. Christine says:

      Absolutely beautiful celebration. Would you be able to share the details of where it was held? I’d love to plan a family reunion there. Thank you!

    6. kristy says:

      i am loving the overgrown truck and school bus and those tree swing photos peeking through the trees are just perfect!

    7. omg omg omg please tell me they have SOME musical details so i can feature this awesomeness!!!

    8. Debi says:

      My word you two, I loved this SO MUCH.

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