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  • Ling + Michael {Chicago, IL}

    Friday, November 26 | Comments

    First of all, Chicago is my number 2 favorite city {2nd to Seattle of course}, we LOVE it there! So when Ling and Michael wanted us to shoot their wedding over a year ago, we were pumpeddd!!! It’s been a long time coming for this one, and it was worth the wait! The weather was less than perfect, but it all worked out. We were in Chicago for 8 or 9 days, staying with our fan-freakin-tastic friends Mike and Roya {who we love and miss everyday, I think Mike goes through Grayson withdrawals and vise versa}. We went to the most amazing hot dog place on the planet, Hot Doug’s {got the Keira Knightly with chilli and cheese.. twice} If you are ever in Chicago, go.. go 3 times a day.

    Anyway, they were married at the fancy-shmancy Union League Club of Chicago, so pretty inside!! The kind of place we never felt sophisticated enough to be in :] It was such a fun day, these two are awesome, up for anything and didn’t care about getting wet or getting her hair messed up for a good photo, we loved it!!! They are both lawyers so I wasn’t sure what they’d be like, I was picturing timid and mousy- not the case. SO much fun to shoot! At one point when we were in the library, Ling wanted to sprawl out on the table and take a bunch of photos… of course we were all about it. Not too sure how the people reading felt, but oh well :]

    ANNDD we had 3 hours to shoot which is incredible! So enjoy the awesomeness that is Ling and Micheal’s wedding!

    We had this really cute “first look” all planned where Ling would come out of the elevator, so I went down before her and told her to wait 1 minute, then come down. She was so nervous she went down RIGHT after me and caught us all off guard, it turned out really cute anyway. {and I got my elevator sequence later}

    So I wanted to take a ring shot in the library, so I had Gray look around for books with Chicago in the title and he found this one. Ok perfect book?!?

    Favorite shot of the day!

    I love this!

    After the hotel we decide to venture outside and take photos for an hour or so, it was RAIN-ING!! Holy smokes… but it was awesome!!! Made for some cool shots and they were up for anything!

    They don’t call it the Windy City for nothing… it was windy city….

    Number 2 favorite shot of the day

    I love ring shots  :]

    They had a really small ceremony, about 30-40 people


    1. Awesome and wonderful pics, guys!!!!!
      Very inspirational.
      Congrats from Spain!!!!

    2. Ling says:

      Heather and Grayson! These are awesome, as expected! We love the pictures so much! We will ALWAYS remember the 3 great hours that we spent with each other and with you guys! That was my favorite part of the entire day – no joke! And the pictures proved that!

    3. hannah says:

      these are incredible! some of the best i’ve seen in a long time! Bravo!!

    4. Elyse says:

      Um, can you just stop being so awesome? That would help lots. Okay thanks! ;)

    5. YeeLin says:

      Love Love Love all of these awesome shots <3
      Especially how you played with the rainy, moody weather and came up with extraordinary shots :D

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