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  • Lindsey + Jarded- engaged! {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Saturday, September 26 | Comments

    This lovely little session slipped through our fingers on the blog, so here it is now! Lindsey and Jared raveled up to our beautiful town of Bellingham, WA for this shoot! They asked if we had a canoe to which I replied “heck yah we do!”.. Sir Grizwald is his name and we love finding any excuse to shoot with it! We drove up to a beautiful spot we know of in the middle of the ocean {found it when we first moved here and went kayaking.. pre kids, haha}. Jarden had his huge fishing raft ready for us and we headed out into the open ocean. It was so much fun and such a special session. These two are adorable and we had the honor of shooting their beautiful wedding, which you’ll get to see later!

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