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    Sunday, December 4 | Comments

    Lindsay + Mitch are some of the most original people that we have ever met!  Nothing about their wedding day was anything close to traditional.  They knew exactly what they wanted to do and then did it.  You will see exactly what we mean as you scroll down.  Pure awesomeness!

    The masks even got the invite to the wedding {from their engagement shoot earlier}!  It was such an amazing day and the sun was a shinning at the Schilter Family Farm.  They threw some lipstick on the ol’ barn and made it look pretty dang pretty.  Pure unadulterated goodness ahead…

    Not your typical first look “approach”, she instead crawled/stalked towards him to attack.

    then the attack.


    a little tongue action on your wedding day never hurt anyone.

    Spanx city!

    “Ok Mitch, look up really high and open your mouth as big as you can”- Lindsay

    Their “son/cub”

    She had all the girls dresses made with fabric they picked out.

    The “dog-chicken”

    Lindsay was sneaky and got a kiss in before they were officially married

    Dropped the ring… oops!

    Best pie topper ever!  T Rex and flamingo hugging… come on!

    Again… pure awesomeness.

    Sweet hay ride and sing along through the Christmas trees.

    This pizza was from a local place, it was SO – GOOD!

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    2. Very very beautiful photos. I loved the way you captured all the decorations. Image quality is amazing. Great work!

    3. i adore these… *swoon*

    4. nicola says:

      I wish I had been invited to this wedding. It must have been sososo much fun! You’ve done a brilliant job in capturing that!

    5. Trendy Bride says:

      Love this wedding !!! I think it’s so cute that the bride has a boutonnierre. Beautiful Photography !!

    6. Stephanie says:

      LOVE this wedding. You two never dissapoint. You can really tell this couple is in love. I love how personalized their wedding was. Their love is overlowing the edges of all these photos. Such a beautiful wedding. Great job!

    7. Beckie says:

      This has to be one of my most favorite weddings ever photographed! It wasn’t just the cake topper that was so doggonne cute, but the outfits of the wedding party! Who says a wedding has to cost a fortune! Thanks for sharing guys.

    8. Josh says:


    9. Jessie says:

      What a super fun wedding!!! These pictures make me want to hang out with these people :) LOVE the details. I’m pretty sure you two captured this wedding perfectly.

    10. Lydia says:

      So, I’m not going to lie: I’m kindofsortof completely obsessed with your blog. The pictures you guys take are absolutely breathtaking! This wedding is SOSO cute! Keep up the good work. It really is inspiring. :)

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