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  • Lindsay + James {Newark, NJ}

    Tuesday, December 7 | Comments

    This was our craziest weekend of the year! We did it once last year and decided to do it just once this year! We started off in Chicago {Ling and Michael from last week} then flew to New York for this wedding. Drove to New Jersey in Friday evening traffic at 5pm… aahhh! Needless to say we aren’t the biggest fans of NY with an experience like that. Then we shot these two crazy kids the next day! We had so much fun at this wedding! They were married in a big catholic church and had their reception at the Newark Museum downtown.

    Once the guys got to their room the realized the dry cleaning order they picked up wasn’t theres. The people lost their clothes!! Gray took a photo of the moment James realized… “these are not my pants”, haha

    the phone calls back and forth about the missing clothes begins!

    more missing clothes..

    I.. love.. photo booths.

    Grayson’s self proclaimed “best picture of the day

    So the part that made this weekend so crazy was what happened AFTER the wedding! We drove back into NY that night, 2 more hours of glorious traffic, got to bed around 1am. Then we got up at 4am to catch our flight to California to shoot a wedding that day!!! So.. October 9th in NY and October 10th in CA, nuts man! But it was awesome and went off without a hitch! I passed out on that plane and passed out again during the lay over. We got in at 11am and shot the next wedding at 4pm. We had a weird amount of energy though!

    passed out the second I sat down in my seat… of course Grayson took a photo, he always does haha

    Then slept for 2 hours in the Chicago airport. Grayson let sleep and stayed up to watch our stuff, such a good husband!!


    1. Brenda G. says:

      Truly gorgeous!!! WOW!!!

    2. Beautiful photos! Amazing. And we had a similar experience on our 10.9 and 10.10. 10.9 in Laguna Beach…red eye flight to JFK…10.10 in Long Branch, NJ. Glad your went well!!

    3. susann says:

      wow.the first shot is sooo lovely.and i really love the black and white portrait in front of the house with the wild garden!

    4. Jeremy G. says:

      Love the shoot. The first photo is one of my all time fav getting ready photos ever!! Your amazing!! And yes Grey is an awesome hubby!!

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