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  • Libby + Ben {Alexandria, VA}

    Saturday, October 22 | Comments

    Libby and Ben!!!! This was a fun wedding! We flew out to Washington DC and it was SO HOT!!! Spent the day touring around, went to the Smithsonian museum, the Washington monument, Lincoln monument… somehow ended up walking in a demonstration against Chinese communism??… all the good touristy stuff! The next day we got to shoot this amazing wedding at this old house that used to belong to George Washington until he gave it to his nephew as a wedding present, now it’s this awesome historic site called the American Horticultural Society! This wedding was great because it was so laid back!

    I was just into my trimester of pregnancy so the heat killed me! Normally I’d be fine but it was so humid and we were walking up and down hills before we started {scouting where to shoot}. It was so funny, his mom kept checking to make sure I was staying hydrated and telling me to sit down! Ok! haha. But we really loved this wedding.. I mean he was wearing bowling shoes!

    Ben MADE Libby’s ring!

    Libby painted all the birds you see through out the wedding!

    This was our first attempt at making the photo above happen

    This way seemed a little more safe, haha.


    one of my favorite shots of the day!

    fancy dancer bowling shoes

    more of her birds!

    They had a Quaker ceremony done by her uncle

    This is kind of just torture for a pregnant lady…. it was so good! I love cake!

    His mom was so nice :]

    we love cake too :]

    Her sister sang

    one of the things I love about the east coast is that there are always a ton of rocking chairs on every outdoor porch!

    Ok… this is genius!!! Rock candy as a stir stick for coffee?!?! Grayson was overly pumped about these.

    I’m not sure where this beard came from but it was passed around all night

    The next morning they had a brunch for their friends and family at Libby’s parents house {the house she grew up in}.

    They had “The Omelet King” and it was TORTURE for me! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love eggs BUUUTTT eggs are the only food that make me sick while I’m pregnant for some reason.. Grayson ate 2.. in front of me :[

    We somehow got on the subject of butter at the reception and I was telling Libby about how I ate too much popcorn and threw up a couple months ago and she told me her brother’s theory that everything is better with butter … Even watermelon he says!… gross.

    They bought her uncle this really nice bottle of bourbon and they busted it open at the brunch. They gave some to Grayson {who really doesn’t drink} and he had no idea what to do with it so he took it as a shot. Everyone  freaked out and he said it burned so bad, hahaha… I love that story. Apparently it’s a “sipping alcohol”

    This was the best part! Libby grew up taking “wagon rides” in the back yard {AKA: lawn mower rides} so her dad brought it out for the kids.

    Yes, that’s Grayson playing bocci ball too, haha

    more talk of butter.

    They were singing this song they wrote about one of the cousins who hit a deer on the road and had to call his mom to bring his gun…. it was hilarious, there was a lot more to it.

    Libby’s childhood tree house- aweeessommmeee!!!

    “Heather and Grayson of Jagger Photography are AWESOME! You spend a surprising amount of time with your photographers on your wedding day: it’s worth it to have a pair of people as likable, professional, and committed to their work as Heather and Grayson. I have been to weddings where the photographers become more of a spectacle than the main event—Heather and Grayson managed to be apparently everywhere during our wedding without being disruptive at all—legit photography ninjas. Their communications were always prompt; they made a point of asking us what vibe we were going for in our wedding (and their photos matched it!); they had already scouted locations around the venue for different portraits and group shots when we arrived on our wedding day, which meant that shooting formal portraits and family shots was a breeze (more time to actually enjoy your party!); and finally they were simply fun people. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise to see how well they fit in with our families and friends (kind of like the cool third cousins once removed you didn’t know your party needed!) We hired Heather and Grayson for our wedding, but also for a more casual brunch shoot, and in both cases the photos they shot demonstrated a ton of talent and an excellent sense of detail. They did a great job of capturing people and personalities, but also that difficult-to-put-your-finger-on-it “feel” of our two events, all while blending in comfortably with the crowd. We couldn’t be happier”


    1. joanna says:

      Heather & Grayson… Absolutely beautiful! You were invisible and yet, captured two spectacular days!… Thanks for the memories!

    2. Sierra says:

      I can’t wait to get married so I can finally meet you guys and have you shoot everything! Great work here!

    3. Libby says:

      Hooray! These look great! Thanks you guys–though I’m sorry to hear about the negative bourbon experience. Also, you’re right. Butter on watermelon is totally gross.

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    5. Lydia says:

      These are fabulous. I lovelovelove that last tree house shot!

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