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  • Leah + Andy {La Canada, CA}

    Wednesday, July 20 | Comments

    This was our first Jewish wedding {shooting at least} and it was… awesome!!! I’ve only been to one other Jewish wedding and it was SO FUN!! We did the hora and it was the most fun I’ve ever had with my extended family. These people know how to have organized dances! We were a little bummed that they shot down the idea of getting up on the chairs, WHATTT?!?! How could you not want to do that Leah, you’re crazy!

    Ok… this is a really odd story but I’m going for it. Up until the age of 5 I was Heather Goldstien… that’s right, Jewish all the way! BUT… my family got so many random phone calls with death threats, threatening to kill my brother and I for being Jewish {What the crap, in Anahiem, CA???}. People just looked up our name in the phone book and called! My mom kept saying “I’m not even Jewish, I just married one!”. So it got so bad that my parents changed our names to my mom’s name {Jagger}…. and I was Heather Jagger until I got married. Nuts right??

    Anyway, Leah and Andy were stinkin awesome, we had such a good time with them, they were so funny and easy to be around. There wedding was great and beautiful and simple {all the things we love in a wedding}. They were married at Desconso Garden’s. This place was amazing, just a giant garden with all kinds of trees and flowers… so nice. You’ll see! This is the 2nd of our 5 California weddings in a row, we were out there for a month so there’s a lot more weddings to love coming sooooonnnn!

    Leah and Andy left us a review on Project Wedding and here are the amazingly nice words they had to say:

    “We loved Heather and Grayson from Jagger Photography!! They were energetic, easy to work with and incredibly creative. We greatly appreciated that they showed up early to scout out the good spots for photos. Our wedding portraits were shot before our ceremony, so naturally we were both nervous. Heather and Grayson helped calm us down with their humor and easy-to-follow direction. They were never intrusive during the wedding and yet they captured some of the smallest details.
    Heather and Grayson were definitely willing to do anything to get a great shot! We will never forget seeing Heather jump up and down in the middle of the Hora, while she captured the chaos and joy of our dancing.
    We ended up with some truly beautiful photos that will look gorgeous in both an album and framed on the wall. We highly recommend this creative, unique couple who know how to take fabulous wedding photos!”


    1. aw thanks guys! The amazing couple made this one easy!!

    2. Evita says:

      *sigh* Never fails… Another awesome wedding from Jagger. Such a simple wedding but romantic in every way.. and captured perfectly by Heather and Grayson. First look shots are absolutely beautiful! Congrats Leah and Andy! =P

    3. April P. says:

      HOLY COW!!!! So beautiful!!! That B&W picture of the bride on the bench under the arch of ivy….STUNNING!!! (and I never use that word). Way to go guys!!

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