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  • Lauren + Brandn {Yorba Linda, CA}

    Monday, April 9 | Comments

    Ahh… Yorba Linda!  My backyard for 23 years!  Anyway…Lauren + Brandn get “our first wedding of the year” prize.  They got married at the Richard Nixon Library and it was a freakin awesome day.  It was so nice to get some sun to shoot in/with.  WA is definitely starting to warm up and the sun is making some appearances, but it was amazing to hang out in CA for two weeks and get some much needed vitamin D.  It was our first trip with our baby Myles and he did so good.  The 8 hours away from him during the wedding was tough, but my mom brought him by for some nourishment during some down time!

    We also did their {engagement shoot} a while back if they seem to look familiar to you!

    Lauren + Brandn are awesome people!  But I digress… enjoy the pictures!


    pair of shoes #2

    Umm… do these come in adult sizes?


    I saw these being set up while they were out of order and read it as “V O L E” (a small rodent)?

    I wish every dad did this at their kids wedding.




    1. Those flasks are amazing. As is your work!

    2. Lauren says:

      The pictures are soooo AMAZING! I’m so glad you suggested we take more pictures after the ceremony! I love the ones with the veil!

    3. Evita says:

      The mugs say it all… LOVE. Love the wedding. Love the pictures. Just when you thought the Glasbys have maxed out their awesomeness… BOOM! :) congratulations Lauren and Brandn!

    4. GiGi says:

      You did have some good sun that day!!! Very beautiful.

    5. Heather says:

      I like…

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