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  • Laura + Hugo {Fullerton, CA}

    Wednesday, July 6 | Comments

    Laura + Hugo are homies.  That is a fact.  Also, they are some of the most fun people around.  We met Laura + Hugo at another couple’s wedding that we happened to be shooting last year.  Then the next week we strolled into Paper Source and she was working there.  It was fate!  We talked for a bit and found out that she was engaged.  Duh… were photographers and you are getting married, so let’s get together and take some awesome pictures.  So we did and here they are!

    We made a quick stop off at 7 Eleven.  Slurpees and Bubble Tape Baby!

    Pretty Good…                                                  Losing it…                                                           Lost it!

    The Natural…

    You guys are our homies too!



    1. Love the pictures Laura & Hugo! Congratulations on your engagement and so happy ur BIG DAY is just around the corner! I’ve worked with a lot of international photographers and I have 2say that ur photographers are AWESOME! Its not always easy 2show emotion thru pictures and they have easily conquered that. As you know, unfortunately I wont be able to make it to ur wedding cuz I’m in Rome now, but I will see you both in December… Besos, Melissa Fernandez

    2. Elaine&Robert says:

      All of your pics are wonderful and unique, just like L & H. Mucho congrats.!!! Lov.Elaine&Robert Olivas.

    3. Evita says:

      Only Heather + Grayson can make bubble gum and slurpee look awesome and romantic! Congratulations Laura and Hugo! Great pics!

    4. Awesome! Love their style. The bubble gum and the homies sign and her sense of fashion is wonderful. Beautiful lighting, as well. xo

    5. Eileen Perez says:

      love Love LOVE them all. very unique…. Yay Hugo & Laura!!!!

    6. Jessie says:

      Sooooo Cooooool!!! I LOVE the bubble shadow pictures, they’re freaking awesome:)

    7. Laura says:

      agggghhhhh!! I cant we have made it onto your oh so famous blog. how exciting. Thanks guys, we had a lot of fun. Practicing my bubble blowing skills for the wedding :)

    8. Alyssa says:

      WOW! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and this is the first time I’ve posted, but I just wanted to tell you guys how awesome these pictures are! I LOVE that second to last one! The lighting in all of these is so perfect! :)

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