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  • Kiersten + Austin {Bellingham wedding photographers}

    Wednesday, December 17 | Comments

    This was such a fun wedding! First they got ready in a caboose that doubled as a music studio, she had amazing shoes, a wedding dress made by her awesome mom and it rained. Maybe rain isn’t fun for a wedding but I thought it was, haha.  We really liked these people, everyone involved in this wedding was awesome. And Kiersten and Austin are going to be moving up by us so we’ll get to see them more!!

    So the wedding… it was a great day, we all had to wait a bit for the heavy rain to pass but it went away exactly long enough for the ceremony to start and finish. As soon as it ended, down poured the rain again. It always seems to happen that way for weddings! There were so many hysterical laughs at the wedding, Sea Hawks and Broncos rivalries revealing themselves in speeches. Apparently the parents had a big bet going and the loser had to give their speech in their rivals jersey, it was pretty funny and caused quite the uproar! Lots of dancing, good local beer and crazy humidity. It was awesome. KA_GetReady004 KA_GetReady006 KA_GetReady010 KA_GetReady015 KA_GetReady020 KA_GetReady026 KA_GetReady030 KA_GetReady039 KA_GetReady041 KA_GetReady045KA_Portrait005 KA_Portrait011 KA_Portrait016 KA_Portrait018 KA_Portrait021 KA_Portrait030 KA_Portrait035 KA_Portrait037 KA_Portrait045 KA_Portrait046 KA_Portrait056 KA_Portrait057 KA_Portrait058 KA_Portrait062KA_Ceremony004 KA_Ceremony009 KA_Ceremony018 KA_Ceremony033 KA_Ceremony050 KA_Ceremony080 KA_Ceremony085 KA_Ceremony094 KA_Ceremony107 KA_Ceremony116 KA_Ceremony131 KA_Ceremony145 KA_Ceremony150 KA_Portrait005 KA_Portrait074 KA_Portrait082 KA_Portrait084 KA_Portrait087 KA_Portrait094 KA_Portrait096 KA_Portrait097 KA_Portrait098 KA_Portrait100 KA_Portrait101 KA_Reception001 KA_Reception005 KA_Reception031 KA_Reception073 KA_Reception079 KA_Reception086 KA_Reception106 KA_Reception112 KA_Reception114 KA_Reception122 KA_Reception127 KA_Reception128 KA_WedParty002 KA_WedParty020 KA_WedParty039 KA_WedParty048 KA_WedParty051




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