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    Thursday, July 18 | Comments


    Jagger Photography is hands down the best wedding photography team EVER!!! Heather and Grayson captured the most perfect, special and beautiful moments of the best day of our lives! The photos left us speechless. Each one brought back all the emotions of the day in the best way possible. They captured every moment I wanted and so much more without me even noticing… they were like little photo ninjas! The love and happiness they captured in every photo is just incredible. Their talent and artistry is astounding.

    They are not only super-mega talented but also pretty freakin’ fun to work with. My husband and I were both a little anxious about having our photos taken because it rarely ever happens. Heather and Grayson totally put us at ease, gave us the direction we needed and made it all fun. The whole photo taking process really felt so effortless and it definitely had everything to do with how awesome Heather and Grayson are.


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