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  • Kayla + Chris- Evergreen Gardens Wedding {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Monday, May 2 | Comments

    We got to photograph these two a while back for their beautiful engagement shoot on Kayla’s 80 acre family property and that got us excited to shoot their wedding later on! These two were so sweet and laid back. Shooting them was easy and relaxed, just the way we like it :] They were married at Evergreen Gardens in our awesome town of Bellingham, WA! We just looooveeee shooting close to home!

    EvergreenGardensWedding-001 EvergreenGardensWedding-002 EvergreenGardensWedding-003 EvergreenGardensWedding-004 EvergreenGardensWedding-005 EvergreenGardensWedding-006 EvergreenGardensWedding-007 EvergreenGardensWedding-008 EvergreenGardensWedding-009 EvergreenGardensWedding-010 EvergreenGardensWedding-011 EvergreenGardensWedding-012 EvergreenGardensWedding-013 EvergreenGardensWedding-014 EvergreenGardensWedding-015 EvergreenGardensWedding-016 EvergreenGardensWedding-017 EvergreenGardensWedding-018 EvergreenGardensWedding-019 EvergreenGardensWedding-020 EvergreenGardensWedding-021

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