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  • Katherine + Jon {Riverside, CA}

    Saturday, September 10 | Comments

    This wedding was actually referred to us by Walter Urie, one of my old professors in photo school, I thought that was SO flattering! He was one of my favorite people at that school, he REALLLYYY pushed me to become a better photographer which I’ve always appreciated, all of the professors at my school pushed and pushed which was perfect for me. He really wanted me to go into doing editorial people work so he helped get me to where I am today!

    Katherine and Jon we’re really one of a kind. They met when they were 20, each were previously married and we’re getting remarried year and years later. They were so perfectly laid back, hand made and easy going. They got married at this amazing taco shop {that’s right, a taco shop} in downtown Riverside.. right down the street from where Grayson and I got married! Tios Tacos seemed to fit them so perfecly, it was eclectic and so detailed in every way.This place doesn’t really have a website, or I’d post it for you. But this family lives there and has decorated it over the years and served tacos!

    They literally danced down the isle and made the entire ceremony a party, it was so fun to be a part of. Jon and his band “Peanut” sang to Katherine, her daughter Dixie and the best man sang to the both of them, it was amazing. I don’t mean to get all mushy, but this couple was so different, you could just SEE how in love with each other they were with every thing they did. They were so overly happy every step of this day and it made it such a great day.

    Everything was done by friends and family: the ceremony, the cake, the entertainment…

    We also got to refer our good friends Geoff and Candice with “Lunch Pail Pictures” to film this wedding, so we got to work with them all day too which is always a plus. They do SUCH a good job filming weddings, it makes me want to cry every time I watch one of their weddings.

    She had a dress from the new Anthropologie wedding line, it was beautiful!

    She picked these boots out specifically for today… such cool boots!

    They were one of the easiest couple’s we’ve ever shot. Unfortunately we only had about 20 minutes to shoot them, we wished we had more because they were so cute!! But we love what we got!

    They had 2 or 3 chocolate carvings… one of a dolphin. WWHHATTT!?

    I love this shot.

    let the dancing down the isle commence!

    We’ve never seen a couple SO giddy during their ceremony.

    Jon and James wanted to take these photos specifically to send the man who hand made their amazing suits.

    We couldn’t get enough of Jon’s suit.

    This wedding has some of the most ornate food I’ve ever seen at a wedding. And the desserts were an assortment of Little Debbie snacks, it was so good!!!






    1. Christiane Gelormino says:

      Wonderful to look at these photos again and be reminded of this great weekend!!

    2. WOOOOWWWW What great shots.You guys look great.I’m so glad I got to be related to Jon.Didn’t have a choice with Kathrine.Love You Much) John & Kim

    3. April P. says:

      This place is AMAZING!!! Love the shots of all of the amazing decor you guys!!

    4. you guys did it again! Thank you for introducing us to the amazingness that is Katherine + Jon. I cant wait to share their film!

    5. Erin Cross says:

      Simply Magical. So beautiful.

    6. Jon Gothold says:

      You guys, this is such a wonderful edit of all the great photos you shot at our wedding. Katherine and I could not have been happier with your wonderful work. You captured not just the surfaces and textures of everything, but the beating hearts beneath. Thank you so much for everything.

    7. Amy Campbell says:

      I LOVE these photographs!!! YOU two are so beautiful! Don’t ever part with that dress, I want to wear it when I get married! I am so warmed in my heart by looking at these, the love you two have for one another is so apparent, and just makes me feel warm all over to see! Love Amy.

    8. christiane says:

      Oh, yes this wedding was very, very differnt and sooo much fun!! you captured the mood perfectly! Nobody will ever forget this day, or should i say days… what a beautiful job!

    9. Katherine says:

      Oh, Grayson and Heather, thank you so much! We are so happy and had the most beautiful day ever. Thanks for your magical captures of the love, fun and joy! So glad you were there. xo

    10. Jay Dooling says:

      The photographers captured the fairy tale spirit and the absolute joy emanating all around! Amazing color. Boundless love!

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