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  • Kate + David {Bellingham, WA}

    Thursday, December 15 | Comments

    You never know what is going to happen when Fall rolls around in the Pacific Northwest.  Kate + David rolled the dice and the weather didn’t quite cooperate.  It didn’t dampen their spirits though and they were just super excited to be married. We got a whole 2 minutes of sun and you better believe we took advantage of it!

    KD_GettingReady012 KD_GettingReady032KD_GettingReady035      KD_GettingReady042 KD_GettingReady045 KD_GettingReady051 KD_GettingReady053

    KD_FirstLook-2  KD_Portrait-4 KD_Portrait-12 KD_Portrait-21 KD_Portrait-33 KD_Portrait-47 KD_Portrait-49 KD_Portrait-55 KD_Portrait-67

    KD_GettingReady070KD_Details-1 KD_Reception-10 KD_Reception-81 KD_Reception-94 KD_Reception-103KD_Details-14



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