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    Saturday, December 17 | Comments

    After a wedding in HOT Palm Springs (114 degrees!), we drove to the airport and headed to Seattle for Kat + Drew’s wedding.  They got married at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.  We were only there for 4 hours, so it was super laid back and fun.  No rush for anything!

    One of our favorite moments of the day revolved around a boombox.  First, Kat was frantically searching for the D batteries; kept exclaiming that they are super important.  We first thought that she just really wanted to have music to listen to while she got ready.  Then all became clear at the ceremony when we spotted a boombox planted behind the last row of seats.  Wedding music!  The ceremony was about a tenth of a mile away from any form of electricity. We laughed when Drew came down the dirt isle and very normally bent down and pressed the play button and the music started. There was this moment after everyone came down when the music was still going and the officiant/caterer {haha} says “someone wanna turn that off so we can get this started!?”… hahahahaha we loved it.

    After the ceremony they walked back down the isle and pressed play again so it would be on for everyone else. We loved how unofficial everything needed to be for them that day.  They just needed each other.

    such good shoes!

    That’s a huge bridal party…

    They had their ceremony down by the river, about a 200 yard walk.

    I love this photo

    my favorite of the day {Grayson}

    It seems this guy had a little too much to drink…


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    1. maiko says:

      aww, love the portraits… so happy!

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