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  • Jump for Joyce + Chris! {Seattle, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers/Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Sunday, October 30 | Comments

    Joyce and Chris!! These two crazy kids got married down in Seattle at a HUGE catholic church called Saint James Cathedral with the worlds largest bridal party know to man. They were super excited to have us shoot their wedding, which we always love seeing. Joy said when she asked Chris if he was excited to get married he said “I’m excited to work with the photographers!” haha.

    We think these two were awesome, I’m sure you will too.

    The worlds largest bridal party, 24 people!!!

    These are my favorite 2 shots of the day.

    this was an intense bouquet toss…

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    1. Evita says:

      Oh Heather and Grayson! That shoe shot!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! :)

    2. Lydia says:

      AH! I lovelovelove the pictures you two take. Where to begin? Well, that first look shot is AMAZING. Also, all the photos with the really-awesome-and-colorful/a-photographer’s-dream-come-true building are f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c. Truly-breathtaking photographs. Thank you for sharing! :)
      P.S. the bride’s shoes are totally adorable!

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