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  • Josh + Erin {engaged Bellingham, WA}

    Friday, September 14 | Comments

    Erin and Josh drove 5 hours for this shoot from Portland, OR. We were so excited to shoot them and get a chance to shoot where we live! We hardly ever get to shoot around here, we’re always near Seattle, Southern WA, California or some other random place! So it was a good time. We took them to some of our favorite spots and just had fun running around and having fun. The light couldn’t have been prettier at sunset and we found some pretty awesome spots.

    We showed them our favorite rope swing. I’ve only been on it a few times because I got pregnant, but I’ll be back!!

    The light was SO pretty and bright orange, we loved it!


    Favorite shot of the day!

    We walked 1/4 mile in crazy grass up to our shoulders to get to this old barn we saw on the side of the road, it was intense, haha.

    hat tricks are always impressive

    After the shoot Erin and Josh came over to the house for a bit and played with Myles. We suggested some awesome local breakfast places for the next morning and we had a good time! Hope to see you two again soon!



    1. The 5-hour drive was totally worth it for Erin and Josh. The photos came out awesome. A timeless memory for the rest of their lives!

    2. ray + kelly says:

      These are all so good, but the swing rope one is the best! Great work.

    3. such fun photos and what a happy, beautiful couple! on a side note, it’s so crazy how many rope swings are in bellingham! my friend took me on a boat tour around lake whatcom and pointed out at least a dozen!

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