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  • Jon + Evita {revisited @ the Ace Hotel}!

    Monday, August 15 | Comments

    We..love.. Jon and Evita. We had the great privilege to get a second round with Jon + Evita.  We shot their wedding in December and we just clicked with them.  Since then, we have had a breakfast date and now we got to hang out with them at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for the day.  {Such an awesome place by the way!} It was like a trillion degrees  {props to Jon + Evita for sporting the formal wear}!  Afterward, they even bought us dinner, whhatttt??!?! We all took a dip in the pool and just hung out.  Not a bad day!  Thanks for being so awesome Jon + Evita!

    Evita has been my prego buddy too! She told me she was pregnant right away so I just couldn’t fight the urge to tell her I was too! I think at that point only my parents and a few friends knew, haha. We’re due a week apart, nuts right!? We’ve been talking a couple times a week about how it’s all going and what not. We seriously love these two, they are truly amazing people and we’re so blessed to have met them. We finally go to see their wedding video from the absolutely amazing Shade Tree Films and it made us see all over again how great these two really are. They have such a unique relationship and are just genuinely good people. So check that video out after you look at this shoot. We all almost cried!!!

    They also left us a review on Project Wedding and had this to say:..

    “WE LOVE JAGGER PHOTOGRAPHY. We have nothing but respect and admiration for this awesome couple. Not only are they extremely talented, creative, and passionate about what they do but they are also genuine people who truly care about the couples they shoot. They are so easy to work with and make photo shoots such a fun experience. They want to capture a couple’s wedding day just as perfectly as any bride and groom would want it. We follow their blog religiously and to this day, they have not failed to ‘wow’ us!

    We could not have picked better photographers for our wedding. We are completely in-love with every shot taken during our big day, each moment so artistically documented. If you want stylish out-of-the-box wedding photography that is brimming with emotion, Jagger Photography is the way to go!”


    1. Brenda Glasby says:

      REALLY, REALLY beautiful…every single picture….Just gorgeous!!!

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