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  • Jon + Evita = Rachel {Yorba Linda, CA}

    Wednesday, October 10 | Comments

    We’ve known Jon and Evita since we shot their wedding back in 2010. Right away we formed a friendship with them and Evita and I kept in touch through email, writing back and forth multiple times a week while she was bored at work. She told me she was pregnant and I hadn’t told anyone but a friend and my parents that I was pregnant.. but I couldn’t keep it in. “I am too!!!!”. We were so excited and became preggo buddies via email. “I’m feeling this weird thing, are you? How big is your tummy, send me a photo of it. Does this seem normal?”.. haha. We came and shot their “Day After” wedding shoot and we were both 5 months pregnant {a little more than a day after, haha} She jammed herself back into that dress gracefully! We went swimming at the Ace Hotel that night and they bought us dinner, we ate in the hot tub {Evita and I only going in for minutes at a time to avoid a cooked baby!} We got to talking about birth and we helped talk them into having Rachel without drugs. She had Rachel on Thanksgiving and did it all drug free! When I went into labor one of the things that kept me going through my 30 hours of home birth was fact that I talked Evita into doing it without drugs and she did, I can’t let  her down and give in! haha

    We now see them every time we come back to California for a wedding. It was so exciting seeing both babies for the first time and getting to see them grow at the same time, they’re only about a week apart. They are so funny together, Rachel is one of the only babies that can take Myles’ rough and tumbly-ness. She just stares at him as he clobbers her, it’s hilarious.

    We have so much love for this family. We begged them to let us do a shoot for her 6 months! It wasn’t hard to talk them into it :] I told her “you’re officially in, you’ll never have to pay for photos again”, haha. We had Grayson’s mom all set to watch Myles but when they came over Evita begged to let him come along, so we did!

    I love these next 3 shots, so cuddly!

    Just checking out the tree, guarding the equipment.

    “Mama I found that lens cap!!”

    One of my favorite shots of the day!

    I can not handle how cute this little lady is sometimes… look at that face!!!!

    Another one of my favorite shots of the day.

    This shot makes me happy

    Our attempt at entertaining Rachel with silly string just freaked her out, haha

    Oh those little beebees love each other!

    Grayson kept the little man busy while I shot. He does what we like to call “the stink bug” walk when he doesn’t like the texture of the surface he’s crawling on, haha



    1. Emily says:

      BEAUTIFUL as always. Whenever we start having babies, you’ll be my first call (after family).

    2. Really amazing pictures. Great job!

    3. Evita says:

      We are deep-heartedly and incredibly grateful for these beautiful photos! But even more grateful to have you guys as friends. :) And Myles… oh Myles, you are too precious for words. Love you to pieces. :)

    4. GiGi says:

      The pictures are incredible….I love this family too….so happy they came in to your lives so they could come in to ours as well!!! So beautiful!

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