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  • Joaquin + Lizzie {Annapolis, CA}

    Tuesday, November 16 | Comments

    Annapolis sounds like it is a familiar place.  You might say, “Isn’t that wine country?” and it is, but you have never heard of Annapolis.  This place is in the woods, deep in the woods!  We thought that we were lost for at least half an hour; stranded with no reception(hence, no GPS) in the miserable heat.  But, our prayers were answered and we arrived at the entrance to the Anvil Vineyard & Ranch.  But Alas! The gate is locked and the ability to get the the email that Lizzie sent to us with the code left when we left the highway.  I tried the code that Heather swore was right. No good.  I then tried the code that I remembered.  BINGO!  When we finally arrived, the place was all the way on top of a huge hill and the view was amazing!

    Joaquin + Lizzie were also amazing!  They were so genuinely nice people and you could tell that they loved each other so much.  It was such a great day!

    The wireless was a little spotty at this place, so it took a while to get this bad boy tied.

    That’s 90 degrees… INSIDE!

    What a beautiful ceremony site.

    There was this old tree here that was dying, so Joaquin + Lizzie planted a new one after their ceremony.  That could be one awesome tradition for their anniversary.  They could come back every year and see their tree getting bigger. It is a visual representation of their marriage.

    Joaquin’s grandpa was one of the groomsmen.

    Lizzie wanted a picture of all the guys wearing blue shirts (there were a ton!), so I just had to slip in there!


    1. Yvette Ball says:

      where was the location?

    2. Elyse says:

      Hello! In an industry that seems to just have photographers assimilate themselves into a predefined “wedding” style you are an inspiration. You have a wonderfully unique look and capture something special about all the chaos, joy, and personality of a wedding day. Keep being unique and setting your own style! It inspires me to keep going with my own “special” way of capturing people. xo

    3. Lizzie says:

      Anvil Vineyard & Ranch! Heather and Grayson – thank you so much! The photos are beautiful and we are so happy!

    4. anna says:

      where was the location?

    5. Photografied says:

      Very nice shoot heather!!!! My favorite shot is the B+W one of the bride and groom walking down the isle with seeds flying everywhere.

    6. Brenda Glasby says:

      Just beautiful…What a gorgeous bride! Love the bright flowers and all the special details…and the scenery is incredible. Love the pictures on the swing the best…such soft light flooding through…so beautiful.

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