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  • Jayson + Kalee {Erie, PA}

    Sunday, July 11 | Comments

    Wedding number 2 of our East Coast Extravaganza! This one was actually Grayson’s cousin Jayson getting married, so it was amazingly fun! We got to stay with his Aunt Julie and Uncle Jay {Jayson’s parents} for 9 days {thank you so much!} and we had a blast. Grayson spent the last year talking Pennsylvania up, talking about how amazing it is and all the things we’d do and what he used to do when he was little.. so I had high expectations, and they were met! They own a few hundred acres and have a million awesome toys, so we were never bored. Gray’s entire family {on his mom’s side} lives in PA so all week it was BBQ’s, wii sessions, scrabble games, frisbee {endless frisbee, Gray is obsessed.. he’s like a puppy!},  bocce ball, riding ATV’s through the woods, gawking at Amish people {I am overly fascinated by Amish people.. it’s amazing! They live like they’re in the 1800′s, I could never have that much discipline!}, going out on the boat, riding their crazy 70mph wave runner, tubing at the lake.. with everyone. It was awesome. We really had no desire to leave Pennsylvania but we had to! On to the next weedding after this!

    We also discovered some new lawn games that apparently are totally normal and we’ve never heard of {ladder ball!?!?! best game ever!}

    Anyway, we were warned that Jayson and Kaylee were “hard to photograph” because they goof around so much, but they were awesome! We love goofers anyway, so we were good to go. Maybe Kaylee threatened to give him a beat down if he didn’t behave, haha.

    my favorite shot of the wedding!

    Their ceremony was in the pretty church that was honestly like 1000 degrees. Everyone was sweating to death, including us. But the photos turned out great! haha

    Their only child- Elenore.


    laughing at Jayson’s baby photos


    2days later we decided to do a 20 minute “Day After Shoot” Jayson’s parents land. Yes, it was literally 20 minutes. The second we stepped outside it started to rain so we had to wait it out inside. Everyone was coming over for a baby shower/Uncle Randy’s birthday so we made it quick!


    1. Thanks for this satisfactory whip-round of observation forms. There are some great ideas for the next redesign.

    2. fer juaristi says:

      dudes, your work is amazing! cheers from MX.

    3. kayla says:

      love the photos! looks like it was a lot of fun. how can you NOT love ladder ball?

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