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  • Janessa + Jason {Camp Pendleton, CA}

    Wednesday, January 13 | Comments

    So 2009 was great, we got married, moved to WA, and shot some super great weddings! This was our last wedding of 2009!!! We… LOOOOOVED.. this couple. They were the sweetest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting, and so freakin happy!! Needless to say, they were a breeze to shoot. Janessa and Jason got married in Oceanside, CA at Camp Pendleton because Jason is in the service. AND, they had almost the exact same brides maid dresses as we did, same color, same fabric, same dress (only ours were strapless)…What a good way to end an already awesome year! So take a look and enjoy!

    Their first look was so stinkin adorable, they were both so giddy. They didn’t need any help being awesome in these photos.

    I love this photo… so much…

    we love mugs.. grayson has a crazy collection, he’s obsessed.


    1. These pictures are lovely!! I love your style!! Great job!!!!

    2. shannon says:

      Your pictures are stunningly creative. I love them! Great to meet you tonight, looking forward to seeing hopefully more of you guys!

    3. Josh says:

      you guys are fantastic.

    4. Sandy says:

      Great shots! I love the balcony and bleacher pics!

    5. wow these images are fabulous – gorgeous couple, and wonderful talented photographers. Well done. The images made me smile

    6. Mom G. says:

      Incredibly beautiful bride! LOVE the balcony shot as well…You guys have a great eye for fun, creative pictures and you’ve done another awesome job. Love Mom G

    7. ebonyadora says:

      I know and love this couple. Thank you Heather and Grayson for capturing the essence of Janessa and Jason!! You guys did an amazing job. I know they will cherish these photographs for life.
      The balcony photos are RADical!!!

    8. Erinkay says:

      Such a HAPPY couple! and such great pictures! :)

    9. April says:

      So i totally know most of those people. I went to the friends church with them, and went to russia with some of them. Now I know what you were talking about heather when you said someone came up to you and said they knew me and knew your whole wedding and you were super confused. haha. good job lovely friend.

    10. Roya Jade says:

      Awesome! Love the huge mugs! Miss you guys :(

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