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  • Jane + Yibo {Bellingham wedding photographers}

    Sunday, March 9 | Comments

    We had so much fun shooting Jane and Yibo! They wanted to do a shoot together for their wedding anniversary. It’s so much fun to shoot couples who are already married, there’s no nerves! They came up to us in Bellingham, WA and we got to shoot all over our own town! We found some awesome spots and just wandered around shooting and talking. They were cute and shy but so much fun to be around. It was awesome getting to shoot in downtown Bellingham, we never had before and we’ve lived here for years!!

    YJ_Married007 YJ_Married011 YJ_Married012 YJ_Married018 YJ_Married025 YJ_Married031 YJ_Married039 YJ_Married042 YJ_Married046 YJ_Married049 YJ_Married048YJ_Married057YJ_Married071YJ_Married072YJ_Married074YJ_Married079YJ_Married080YJ_Married083YJ_Married085YJ_Married089YJ_Married094YJ_Married098

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