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  • Jameson + Chelsea {Scandia, PA}

    Saturday, October 26 | Comments

    We had the great honor of shooting our cousin’s wedding in Pennsylvania this summer. There are 4 brothers and this is the 3rd one of their weddings we’ve shot. We LOVE getting to go back every summer and see all of Grayson’s family. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents… everyone is there. Jameson and Chelsea have been “together” for as long as I’ve been around the family. There story is sort of funny. They dated for a little while, then weren’t dating and we’re “just friends” for about 3 or 4 years {although everyone knew they were a thing}. And Grayson called it! He said “watch, they’ll never actually date, they’ll just get engaged one day”,  and that’s exactly what happened. One day when Jameson was supposed to be out of the country he surprised Chelsea by coming home early and proposing!!! We’ve all been waiting for this day, they are clearly supposed to be together.

    So we had a week of awesome Pennsylvania time and got to show Myles everything for the first time. Grayson’s family has a lot of land so we rode the ATV’s all over the property, checked out Amish people {my favorite, so intriguing}, went out on the boat and just hung out with our awesome family. Their wedding was on a friends property {who happens to be the CEO of Verizon, hence the a-ma-zing property}. It was such a cool wedding on a beautiful mountain top overlooking more mountains!

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    1. Brenda Glasby says:

      That day was AMAZING, the venue AMAZING, the couple AMAZING, and the pictures are AMAZING!!! What a gorgeous bride and handsome groom….God blessed you with amazing weather that day…so thankful I can call you niece and nephew.

      • Chelsea Curtis says:

        Aw aunt Brenda, your the sweetest!! We are so blessed to have such an amazing wedding day!! Surrounded by beauty and beautiful people! We are so thankful to have you as our aunt!! We Love you SOOO much! So glad you were such a big part of our wedding day and wedding week! Xoxo

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