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  • Ives Family- Nehalem Bay State Park {Seattle Family Photographer}

    Tuesday, September 19 | Comments

    We drove to Oregon to go camping with some friends last month and while we were there this awesome family saw it on Instagram and sent a message! The next day this lovely little family shoot on the beach happened and I couldn’t be happier! 1. They were so sweet, and 2. The second I stepped onto this magical beach I wished I had a family shoot to do because it was SO PRETTY! We chased the sunset around and had a good little time! Such a beautiful spot to have a family shoot!

    IvesFamily-003 IvesFamily-004IvesFamily-010 IvesFamily-008 IvesFamily-006  IvesFamily-022 IvesFamily-021 IvesFamily-019 IvesFamily-016 IvesFamily-015 IvesFamily-014 IvesFamily-013 IvesFamily-044 IvesFamily-043IvesFamily-028 IvesFamily-024 IvesFamily-041 IvesFamily-035 IvesFamily-032 IvesFamily-030 IvesFamily-054 IvesFamily-051 IvesFamily-049 IvesFamily-048 IvesFamily-046

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